An inspiring opening ceremony opened the 52th Artistic World Championships

The first of three qualification days started on the 30th of September with an inspirational opening ceremony. Oaths were pledged by the gymnasts, coaches and judges. The FIG vice president Celen Suat (TUR) and the LOC president Peter Frederickx welcomed the crowd. In the end the official ambassadors Daniela Silivas & Iordan Iovtchev and the official mascots Gymbo & Gymba opened the competition with a buzzer!

Highligts of the competition

Today at 10 am the first of six men’s subdivisions entered the stage. The tension was palpable in the arena.

World bronze medallists Great Britain featured in the first subdivision. Jake Jarman, who has just had a new element on floor exercise named after him in the code of points and Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock performed like real stars and the team scored a massive 254.193 points.

Also competing in subdivision 1 were the teams from Türkiye, Kazakhstan and Brazil, all hoping to secure their qualification for Paris 2024. World vault champion, Artur Davtyan (ARM) scored 15.033 points and went straight to the top of the score board.

“I think we did really good. We’re focusing more on the team this time so I think we could be in the team final. I’m very proud of my teammates. Rings weren’t so good for me individually, I think I’ll miss the finals but that’s okay because the main goal is the team.” - Adem Asil (TUR)

World silver medallists Japan was in subdivision 2 along with home nation, Belgium. Hashimoto Daiki, (JPN) scoring 15.000 on high bar made the crowed go wild! Also on floor the Japanese gymnasts were very strong. However by the end of the subdivision Hashimoto Daiki, (JPN) was the third best all-around Japanese gymnast thereby eliminating him from the all-around final. Belgian all-arounder Luka van den Keybus (BEL) clearly enjoyed the competition in his home nation.

“It went well, I think not very well, but just good. I think we are very proud with the team, an overall score of 245.094 is definitely something we could only dream of a few years ago. We've never had a score like that before so I think it can only be seen positively.” - Luka van den Keybus (BEL)

The afternoon begun with Subdivision 3, where teams from Australia, USA, Uzbekistan and Romania begon their quest, followed by Subdivision 4 which featured Spain, The Netherlands and Germany alongside world champions the People’s Republic of China.

“It is still crazy to think about. When I was younger, I mean, everybody dreams of being the best in the country or in the world, and competing with the top guys. I’m standing here right now. The dream isn’t a dream anymore. It’s a reality, and getting adjusted to that has been crazy, but I’m happy and excited to be here.” - Richard Frederick (USA)

The gymnasts of the People's Republic of China experienced a mixture of brilliance and several falls to finish 5th. While The Netherlands, Germany and Spain enjoyced massive support from the crowd! Sadly Carlos Edriel Yulo (PHI) got a 0 for his first vault. Meaning that he won't be able to contest the all-around final.

After these 4 subdivisions we have the following top 8:

  1. Japan

  2. United States of America

  3. Great Britain

  4. Germany

  5. People's Republic of China

  6. Spain

  7. Turkiye

  8. Netherlands

Tomorrow at 2 pm we know which countries take an Olympic ticket with hem! Alle scores can you be find here

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