Top 8 men go to the team final

The second day of the competition was a day of two halves. In the morning, the last two subdivisions of the men’s qualifications took place. Subdivision 5 started at 10 am and features individual all-around gymnasts together with teams from Egypt, Canada, Columbia and Switzerland, all vying for a place in the top 12 teams.

Followed by subdivision 6, where Italy, Korea, France and Hungary joined the race for Olympic qualification, along with the last two groups of individuals.

At 2 pm competition was over for the men's subdivisions and men's team finalists and Olympic team qualifiers were decided. The relief on the faces of team Netherlands who were in the audience waiting for the final results, was huge. They placed 11th in the teamcompetition and qualified for the Olympic Games next year.

"I am one of the older and more experienced gymnasts on the team. When you make it to the Olympics, it's a magical feeling! I hope I can be there in Paris, in any case, I'm going to do everything I can for that." - Casimir SCHMIDT (NED)

  1. Japan - 258.228 points
  2. United States of America - 254.628 points
  3. Great Britain - 254.193 points
  4. Canada - 249.260 points
  5. Germany - 248.862 points
  6. Italy - 248.796 points
  7. Switzerland - 248.192 points
  8. People's Republic of China - 248.163 points

Qualifications women's competition

In the afternoon, the arena was transformed for the first three of ten women’s subdivisions. You could feel the rush of excitement and the tribunes were full of fans of theNetherlands. At the age of 22 Naomi Visser is at her fifth world championships and she felt nervous before the competition.

Because of my experience, I know more about what to expect but I still felt much more nervous than usual. I don't think I've felt this way for some time. You never know if you will get it under control but after the first exercise it went right away, which definitely gave a boost to my confidence. - Naomi VISSER (NED)

The defending world champion team USA ready to perform with their shining star, Simone Biles. Jones and Biles both showed their new elements to the jury. They scored a massive 171.395 points and went straight to the top of the leader board.

“I feel more confident with my skills. Like everyone says, the older you get, the more responsible and better you get. I’m just paying more attention to details, Details will get you far and not just the big skills. It’s each and every turn. I’ve really been focusing on that from the last worlds to now, and I feel stronger. I am just happy that I am out here, confident again, so why not just give it all?” - Shilese JONES (USA)

The day wrapped up with women’s subdivision 3, featuring world silver medallists Great Britain together with teams from Korea and South Africa. World champion on floor Jessica Gadirova (GBR) defending her world title in Antwerp, showed a perfect exercise and scored 14.400 points. Placing her second on floor, right after Simone Biles with 14.633 points.

Because I did it last year, the pressure is more off. I just got out there, did the best performance I can and just enjoyed the occasion. All-around is a very hard competition because you have to hit all four apparatus. So I will just have a rest and hopefully do really well at the all-around. - Jessica Gadirova (GBR)

You can find all scores here.

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