Meet the ambassadors

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the two Olympians who have been confirmed as ambassadors for the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2023.

Iordan Iovtchev and Daniela Silivaş embody the spirit of dedication, perseverance, and innovation that defines gymnastics. They are not only champions in their own way but also champions of the values that make our sport exceptional - discipline, courage, teamwork, and creativity. Their commitment to gymnastics has left an indelible mark on the sport's history.

Iordan Iovtchev

Iordan Iovtchev is a retired Bulgarian gymnast who is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and iconic male gymnasts in the history of the sport. He was born on July 20, 1973, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

One of the most memorable moments in his career was when he first became World Champion on both floor and rings at the World Championship in 2001 in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Every Olympic Games in which he has participated has been unique on its own, but definitely the most unforgettable ones will remain the first and the last, more specifically 1992 and 2012.

Olympic medals:

  • Silver: 1
  • Bronze: 3

Having received this invitation to be an Ambassador at the 2023 Artistic Gymnastics World Championship is a great honour and privilege for me as well as an opportunity and recognition to be a part of this spectacular event.

It has always been the most wonderful feeling to know that I could inspire and support young gymnasts around the globe to get closer to their goals and dreams.

Daniela Silivaş

Daniela Silivaș is a retired Romanian gymnast who is widely regarded as one of the greatest female gymnasts in the history of the sport. She was born on May 9, 1972, in Deva, Romania.

Daniela Silivaș rose to prominence during the 1980s. Her gymnastics career was marked by exceptional skill, grace, and consistency, and she achieved numerous accolades and records during her competitive years.

Her most memorable moments in here gymnastics career are winning the gold medal with the Romanian team in the 1987 World Championships in Rotterdam and second being able to compete in the Olympic Games and winning 6 medals.

Olympic medals:

  • Gold: 3
  • Silver: 2
  • Bronze: 1

I'm incredibly proud that my gymnastics journey can inspire young people to join this incredible sport. I started gymnastics because of Nadia Comăneci, it's truly amazing to realize that someone out there has begun their own gymnastics journey because of me. I hope the audience will relish the opportunity to watch these beautiful, incredible gymnasts competing and that they will cheer for everyone.

As for the gymnasts, my advice is to stay focused on the present. Believe in yourself and enjoy the competition!