Apparatus Finals 08/10

Women’s balance beam and floor exercise finals

Simon BILES (USA) - balance beam and floor exercise gold

On what medals she was aiming for:

“I wasn’t too worried about medal count or medal colour. I just wanted to go out there and do my routines again. It doesn’t matter if I am going to get up on the podium or not, that wasn’t something I cared about. I just wanted to compete confidently again, putting out scores for team USA and see what happens.”

On why she is here if she doesn’t care about getting a medal:

I had to prove to myself that I could still get out here and twist. I could prove all the haters wrong, that I’m not a quitter. As long as I’m out there twisting again and finding the joy for gymnastics again, who cares?”

On what happened on vault final where she over-rotated her Biles II:

“Better over than under. I am not mad about that at all. I think it was nice that we got on the international scene and we got to go back to back with those vaults. I just had a little too much power. Everybody was upset but I wasn’t mad at all, I don’t care if I end up off the podium as long as I am here.”

On having Rebeca Andrade pushing her all the way:

“I love having her around, she’s a joy, she’s amazing to watch especially after all the injuries she’s overcome.”


Rebeca ANDRADE (BRA) - balance beam bronze and floor exercise silver

On how she feels after this World championships:

“I’m really happy about everything that happened this year. It was a difficult competition because it took a lot mentally and physically, but I’m really honoured that I could compete in all these finals and take these medals.”


Flavia SARAIVA (BRA) - floor exercise bronze medal

On her emotions after capturing the floor bronze medal:

“I am feeling really happy. A lot of times I got into the floor final but I didn’t do my best routine and sometimes I was injured. This is my first individual world championships medal. Every time when you get a good result you want more. I would like to say thank you to everybody in Brazil, for me it was a really nice atmosphere.”

On what she thinks about team Brazil going to the Olympics:

“Now that we are qualified we should keep our heads high. Everybody is going to fight for some good results.”

On her thoughts about meeting Simon Biles:

“It is really nice, she is amazing.”


Men’s Horizontal Bar Final

Daiki HASHIMOTO (JPN) - Horizontal bar gold medal

On how he feels about getting the gold medal after receiving silver at world championships last year:

“In terms of world championships, it’s my first for the high bar and it’s really exciting to have it. In terms of the gold medal, it’s the first [on this apparatus] since the Tokyo Olympics and the first time being a World Champion.

On his thoughts about his high bar routine and how he was able to stay so consistent throughout the championships:

“In terms of the whole competition, by competing many times, my dismount became very consistent with stuck landings. That was something I could achieve and I was very confident about it.”

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Tin SRBIC (CRO) - Horizontal bar silver medal

On how he feels after having just won the silver medal to add to his growing collection of silver medals:

“It feels amazing. I like silver medals, so I am really happy about one more. I collect them. I think it shows how much I worked since the [Tokyo] Olympics despite all the setbacks that I had with the injury of my collarbone. That lasted for almost a year. With the new code and a new routine, it felt like I was behind everybody but this medal shows I am not.”

On what this silver medal means to Croatian gymnastics:

“Medals always mean a lot to the Croatian federation. Croatia is a country that had good results for the past 15 years but we are still building a system with lots of talented gymnasts. I hope we will be good enough to have more medals, but my medal today just means a lot for the whole of Croatia. We like to call ourselves the sports country, so it’s amazing every time to come back with a medal.”

On how he will celebrate tonight:

“I have no idea. I think my coach is going to take us out for dinner. Maybe we are going to the banquet. I don’t know, but what I know for sure is that I am getting a beer!”

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SU Weide (CHN) - Horizontal bar bronze medal

On how he feels about winning the bronze medal on horizontal bar:

“To be honest, I didn’t think about getting a medal here. In the team final, I had two falls. All I wanted to do today is to perform my routine successfully. I am very happy that I did it and I went through that psychological barrier within myself.

On having a lower difficulty score than in qualifications:

“It was the first element on the bar that I messed up a little bit. I missed the perfect angle to catch the bar and I need to adjust my hand placement. It cost me a tenth.”

On the gap between him and the gold medalist:

“I realised that my difficulty is not up there yet. I have to work hard on adding difficulty and try my best to make it perfect. I hope by that time, I can have full confidence to fight against the top horizontal bar gymnasts.”

Men’s Parallel Bars Final

Lucas DAUSER (GER) - Parallel bars gold medal

On how he feels about becoming world champion on parallel bars after frequently finishing second:

“It’s unbelievable! I can’t really compute yet what just happened, and it was only ten minutes ago. I am still so confused, I have no idea what happened in the arena. I think I need a few minutes to myself, somewhere in a quiet corner, to realise what just happened.”

On what the gold medal means to German gymnastics after a world championships of ups and downs:

“The men’s team had a super championships and my gold is the final cherry on the cake for us. For the women I hope that this win will give them motivation to continue fighting. They won’t be in Paris as a team but they still have three gymnasts competing.”

“We are a good gymnastics nation, maybe not the best, but we are at a very good level. I hope my gold medal will motivate everyone to believe that we can achieve top positions.”

On how he will celebrate, having felt a bit unwell over the last few days:

“I am well again and I no longer care! Tonight is the banquet, my wife is here, many of my friends and my brother-in-law, so together I am sure we will find a quiet place to have a few beers and celebrate.”

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SHI Cong (CHN) - parallel bars silver medal

On his feeling on getting silver medal:
“I am quite happy about my performance. I think I have shown all of my abilities. My difficulty is not very high, I think this result is the best I can do for now.

“I won bronze in the 2021 world championships and now silver. I think I have improved quite a lot on my physical ability, stability and quality of gymnasts over the past two years. But I know that I need to work much harder in order to get gold in the future.”

On how he is going to celebrate:

“I want to have two days off and go back home to see my parents. Last time I saw them was around three to four years ago. I am very happy they got to see my performance on TV and they texted me just now.”

On his ankle injury which forced him out of team final, and when he decided to compete in this final:
“I hurt my ankle during qualifications and it felt really painful. Therefore I wasn’t there to compete in the team final. I felt sorry for the team and regretted not being able to compete with them. But I feel better now. It wasn’t that bad. Therefore I really hoped I could compete in this final. After discussing it with my team, we decided to compete.”


SUGIMOTO Kaito (JPN) - Parallel bars bronze medal

On how he feels about his bronze medal and how he will celebrate:

“The aim was to win the gold, so it’s a little bit disappointing. I’ll save the celebrations for when I win a gold medal.”

On his upcoming plans in gymnastics:

“First, to get a spot on the Olympic team in domestic qualifying competitions, then to win gold with the team and on the parallel bars at the Olympics.”

On what he is looking forward to when he returns to Japan:

“Eating sushi and ramen. I’m missing Japanese food so that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

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Men’s Vault Final

Jake JARMAN (GBR) - Vault gold medal

On how it feels to become world champion on vault:

“I couldn’t be happier with how today went. I was super nervous going in to this competition. I don’t know why. I kept telling myself, ‘just enjoy it, just enjoy it, anything can happen’, but I still got nervous. To be able to hold my nerve and be able to produce the vaults I did, I’m super proud.”

How he overcame his nerves on the first day, where he fell on vault and almost didn’t make it to this final:

“Qualifiers for me is always the nerve-wracking one, because you have to do well to be able to make a final. Unfortunately I didn’t make the floor final which I was aiming for, and I just scraped into the vault final, with a fall too. We competed in the first subdivision on the first day, so I had to watch all the gymnasts who did two vaults and just hope that I’d make it. As soon as I saw that I’d made the final I was super relieved.”

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Khoi YOUNG (USA) - Vault silver medal

On how it feels to win the silver medal after qualifying in sixth place:

“It feels good. I came in just to have fun, do what I need to do and it turned out alright.”

On whether he feels happy overall, now that his competition has concluded:

“I’m so glad to be done. It was a lot of stress, but I’m absolutely happy with how I’ve done. I came in with not many expectations and came out with some medals so of course I’m happy.”

On whether he’s going to party later tonight:

‘We’ll see, I might go to sleep at 7 o’clock [laughs], we’ll see.”

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Nazar CHEPURNYI (UKR) - Vault bronze medal

On what this medal means to him during such difficult times in his country:

“Of course I am happy about my performance, but this is the worst time in my life. Despite the circumstances I have won a medal, so I am very happy about that.”

To whom he dedicates his medal:

“To the people of Ukraine, to the soldiers and to everyone who is fighting on the front line.”

On how he overcame the experience of competing last, which he did at the 2021 world championships where he had qualified in first place and ended up seventh:

“I had a bad experience when I competed last at the 2021 world championships in Kitakyushu. I trained a lot after that. This time, I didn’t watch the others competing, I was just focusing on myself and this time it worked out for me.”

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Apparatus Finals 07/10

Men’s Still Rings Final

LIU Yang (CHN) - Still rings gold medal

On how he rates his performance today and how it encourages him to defend his Olympic title next year:

“I would give myself 99 out of 100 because I still have room to improve. I want to stay humble. I hope it is a good start heading into the Olympic year.”

On what this gold medal means to him after last winning the world title in 2014:

“Nine years ago I was quite self-righteous I would say. I was full of confidence in myself. After all these years, I enjoy performing at world level and fighting for excellence a lot more.”

On how he is going to celebrate his victory:

“Maybe treat myself to a good meal, like a hotpot.”

On how he gets on with Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece:

“Just now when we were waiting for the medal ceremony, I had a little chat with him. I am glad that we are still here to fight for our own countries. I really enjoy our rivalries. I think we all did the best in order to help promote the still rings.”

“We competed with each other ten years ago. Then I won in 2014, he won in 2015. When I was younger, when I lost to him, I didn’t want to accept it. But now, it is more like I really do respect him. He is always a very good competitor. In a way, both of us became better because of each other.”

“We had a very good friendship. I know he has two daughters now and I am really jealous.”

On what gymnastics means to him:

“I started gymnastics when I was five years old. I thought it was a very tiring sport. I did not have a childhood at all. I spent all of it practising gymnastics. It is a career that I fight hard for. But at the same time, I want more children to do this sport in China. Also I am so glad that I can bring glory for my country with my performance.”

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Eleftherios PETROUNIAS (GRE) - Still rings silver medal

On his feelings about qualifying for the Paris Olympic Games:

“This could be my third Olympic Games. The first one came immediately. I was young and my energy was super. I qualified for my second Games 17 days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics so it was really rough. I have worked really hard to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games and be ready for Paris, because I wasn’t ready for Tokyo.”

On what makes him keep going and compete again:

“There are plenty of things, but first and foremost what gives me motivation are my kids and my family. They give me a lot of power and support. In fact they are here watching me. This helps me a lot to keep working.”

On which rings competitors he admires:

“There are several gymnasts from around the world who are good on rings. Liu Yang is so good it makes me want to try more and beat him.

On how he feels just before competing:

“Every year that I’m one year older the butterflies are getting worse. But when I enter the arena I am super calm and I love the feeling of hearing my name from the people. I saw quite a lot of Greek flags. Greek people always show me their support and give me strength.”

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YOU Hao (CHN) - Still rings bronze medal

On how he thinks his routine went today:

“I would say fairly good. But I am not fully satisfied with my performance as I know I can perform better on some of the skills.”

On how he could improve his routine:

“The most important thing is my dismount. I think they deducted a lot for my dismount and I really hope I can perfect it in the near future.”

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Women’s Uneven Bars Final

QIU Qiyuan (CHN) - Uneven bars gold medal

On how it feels to win gold at her first world championships:

“I am super excited, super happy right now. The moment when I saw my score come up, I almost cried.”

On her analysis of her routine, where she performed a 6.7 difficulty for the first time:

“I was planning to try the 6.7 uneven bars routine yesterday in the all-round final but I didn’t link all the skills. But today, I would say I have saved the best one for the final.”

“I will give myself an 8 out of 10 for my performance today. I had little mistakes here and there so I know I could have done better. Of course, I did my best and won the gold. I am super happy.”

On what she would tell her younger self:

“Last year I got hurt. It was really difficult for me at that time. I want to tell myself from last year that you went through it and you did it. You achieved your goal and you are a world champion now. It is just one step away from getting a gold medal in the Olympics Games.”

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Kaylia NEMOUR (ALG) - Uneven bars silver medal

On what the silver medal means to her:

“This medal is evidence of the work we have done leading up to these championships. It’s great!”

On how she feels after her competition:

“I am super happy about the silver medal, but at the same time also a little bit disappointed because of the very small difference to the gold medal [0.067 points]. Overall it is okay though for my first world championships.”

On what the silver medal means to Algerian gymnastics:

“It is huge and amazing. Everyone is really happy.”

On whether she expected the medal:

“Yes, I knew I could get a medal if I managed to complete my routine well, but the colour was open.”

On how she is going to celebrate winning her first world medal:

“I don’t know yet but I am ready for anything.”

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Shilese JONES (USA) - Uneven bars bronze medal

On how she is feeling after winning the bronze medal and if she expected it:

“I feel really good. It wasn’t my best difficulty routine but overall I feel like it was my cleanest routine of this weekend. Winning a medal was the goal, I wouldn’t say that I had expected it so overall I’m really happy with it.”

On the road to Paris:

“The beginning of this year has been really crazy, I didn’t even think that I would get this far, it was a big time dream that I had. I feel like I’m on the right path, three events and three medals so far, it’s just boosting my confidence. I’m going to get back to the gym and train even harder for next year.”

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Men’s Pommel Horse Final

Rhys MCCLENAGHAN (IRL) - Pommel horse gold medal

On how he feels after successfully defending his world title on pommel horse:

“I feel good. I feel like the preparation for this competition has paid off. Two time world champion, but what I am most relieved for is to be qualified for the Olympics.”

On his priority at these championships:

“The priority for every gymnast that came to the World Championships is to qualify for the Olympics. My personal priority was to do pommel horse as I have done in training and I think that was accomplished. I am so glad that I can say I am going to my second Olympic Games, that is amazing.”

On whether it was difficult being the last competitor in the pommel horse final:

“There are two big giant screens back in the warm up hall that I have just avoided. Quite a lot of falls today, from what I’ve heard. Maybe that would have set me off a little. I didn’t pay attention to the fact that Lee Chih Kai fell. In the warm up hall it was just tunnel vision and I am glad it was like that.”

On how he has developed as a gymnast since the early days:

“I think back to the times when I was just a kid and I enjoyed the sport. Now I am an adult still enjoying it and that is an incredible thing to me. My coach, the whole team, my mum, dad, brother and girlfriend are all part of this gold medal and I could not thank them enough.”

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Khoi Young (USA) - Pommel horse silver medal

How it feels to win a medal at his first world championships:

“Pretty surreal. At first I wanted to medal, but my main priority was soaking up the nerves and the anxiety and remembering it for, hopefully, a future worlds. It feels good that I handled the pressure and came out with a medal.”

On how this motivates him for his future in gymnastics:

“It really proved to me that I’ve just got to stick with the training and produce good results. Just knowing how close I was to that gold is going to push me very hard to one day get up there.”

On how winning the team bronze medal two days ago inspired him in this final:

“During team final I fell on horse, so today I really wanted to prove to myself and the team that I can be trusted in high pressure situations. I think that’s what I really proved today.”

On what he is looking forward to when competition is over:

”Going home and eating a lot of pizza. I haven’t had pizza in a long time, so probably that.”

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Ahmad ABU AL SOUD (JOR) - Pommel horse bronze medal

On how he feels about winning the bronze medal, when he needed to win gold for automatic Olympic qualification:

“I am not feeling really good. I know I can do better. I was going for the gold for the Olympics, but it’s fine. I will fight for it next year in the World Cups. Going to Paris is a dream. I know I can win the gold, but it’s pommel horse, it does not always work as you like. But it’s fine, we will work on it.”

On what did not go well for him today:

“I caught an element on one hand. I did the same mistake in qualification. I tried to work on it but it happened again. So thank God for everything. It is what it is.”

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Women’s Vault Final

Rebeca ANDRADE (BRA) - Vault gold medal

On how it feels to win the gold medal on vault:

“I’m very happy with another gold medal for Brazil. I didn’t expect this, of course in my head I always want to win but the principle goal is to do my thing. I don’t know if I can believe it but it was something that I really wanted.”

On how she prepares herself before doing her routine:

“I always have a pep talk with myself to stay calm and then I just go for it.”

On the fall of Simone Biles on vault:

“I didn’t expect Simone to fall, so I feel sad for her because I know how much we train for this.”

On whether she’s tempted to try the Biles II on vault:

“No it’s too crazy, I will not try it!”

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Yeo Seojeong (KOR) - Vault bronze medal

On how she feels after her vault final:

“I was very nervous but now I am very happy.”

On whether she was expecting to win a medal today:

“No, I was not expecting to win a medal here today.”

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Men’s Floor Exercise Final

Artem DOLGOPYAT (ISR) - Floor exercise gold medal

On his feeling about finally becoming floor exercise world champion after winning two silver medals in previous championships:

“First time, definitely very happy. This morning I started to feel more nervous. I did everything I could do.”

On whether he has decided to do all-around or just focus on floor at the Olympics next year:

“I don’t know for now but I think I will focus more on the floor, maybe do just one or two more apparatus.”

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Kazuki MINAMI (JPN) - Floor exercise silver medal

On how he is feeling after winning the silver medal on floor:

“I am not very happy. We can say that I am 80% downhearted and 20% joyful.”

On whether he was expecting a medal in the floor final:

“My goal was to get a gold so the fact that this is a silver is making me a little bit frustrated.”

On what it’s like to compete when you know everyone is looking at you:

“Of course everyone is looking at you but I was so concentrated on myself to compete the best I could that it didn’t bother me.”

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Milad KARIMI (KAZ) - Floor exercise bronze medal

On how he feels the routine went:

“I am very happy. The first two diagonals were a little bit shaky but after that I got more confident and finished with a good final tumble.”

On whether he was expecting to win a medal:

“I came here hoping I would win a medal.”

What this medal means for gymnastics in Kazakhstan:

We haven’t had a medal in gymnastics since 1997, so it means a lot. [It was the world vault gold medal won by Sergei Fedorchenko.] I made history today.”

On how he will celebrate:

“I have a final tomorrow on high bar, so we’re not celebrating. We’ll keep preparing, we’ll put off the celebration for a little bit.”

On how he feels being qualified for the Olympic Games:

“I am very happy about that and I hope that I will bring a medal home from Paris, too.”

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Women’s AA Final 06/10

Simone BILES (USA) – All-around gold medal

On what the all-around title means to her:

“The gold medal means everything. It means strength, courage, the fight, tenacity. It has been such a long journey to get back here and feel comfortable and confident to compete again. I won my first worlds here ten years ago and now today again so that’s really special.”

On what happened to her during her floor exercise:

“I tripped! Leave it to me! I am actually this clumsy outside the gym but it usually doesn’t happen in the gym, so I am a little bit shocked that this happened but yeah, that’s it.”

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Rebeca Andrade (BRA) - All-around silver medal

On what she is most proud of regarding her competition today:

“Lasting until the end. It’s my fourth day doing four apparatus and it is very difficult. For sure, I did my best today and I hope the on the other days I’ll do my best again.”

On what the silver medal means to her:

“I’m really happy to be on the podium again, side by side with such incredible athletes. It’s an honour to come back to Brazil with another medal in my career.”

On how she celebrated with teammate and fellow competitor Flavia Saraiva at the end of the competition:

“It’s not just about me. We are a team, we work together all the time. I won the medal but she was there with me all the time, she works with me all the time, so it’s not just my medal, it’s our medal.”

On how she gets on with Simone Biles and whether there is any rivalry between them:

“She’s really nice, she always cheers for me. We don’t sit side by side and have a conversation, but we are friends and everything is fine.”

On what motivates her to keep doing gymnastics:

“My passion for the sport, my team, and the honour that I would like to bring for the fans, for my family and for me.”

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Shilese JONES (USA) - Bronze medal all-around

On what it means to win two back to back all-around world medals:

“It means so much, I’ve worked so hard for this. There’s been so many ups and downs with my shoulder tearing, to me not knowing if I was going to pull through the championships, let alone get this far.”

On how it felt being part of the first world championship medal podium with three black women:

“It felt amazing. I remember after Simone’s score came up we looked at each other and were like ‘we did it, we did it’ so it just felt amazing. We all worked so hard and they are super-inspiring, they all had a great night tonight so it felt good to be a part of that.”

On her impressions of Rebeca Andrade:

“I don’t know too much about her, but I know she’s super stunning, she’s super sweet and she deserved it tonight. I’m super proud of them all, not just Rebeca but my teammate Simone as well.”

On the small error she made during the second pass of her floor routine:

“It’s not the first time I’ve done that, so it was really just ‘you’re going to do the double tuck, pull the double and stay in bounds’ kind of thing. I was like ‘oh no, what do I do’ but like I said I’m still going to do the double tuck no matter what.”

On which apparatus went best for her today:

“It’s probably beam, it’s been a little up and down when I go to compete, I get a little bit nervous. But in training it’s been going so well, so just channelling my emotions and being able to hit it like I do in practice.”

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QIU Qiyuan (CHN) - 4th place

On her thoughts about placing fourth all-around in her first world championships:

“I am very happy about placing fourth in the world. Compared to qualification, I jumped up from eighth place to fourth place.”

“I think after this big competition, I feel like I have a bigger heart now. I think that my ability to handle pressure is also improving after competing in this all-round final in front of such a big crowd. Compared to local competitions, the atmosphere is much more exciting here in this arena. They have a full crowd and the audiences are energetic. My confidence has grown more now.”

On her thoughts about her all-around score compared to gymnasts on the podium:

“To be honest I knew that the gap between me and the podium was a little bit large. I definitely need to improve on my vault and floor in order to get up onto the podium. To do that, I have to improve my physical ability so that I can learn more difficult skills.”

On how she managed to come back after having a bad fall on beam in the warm up:

“I was first up on beam and I was really nervous. I had a fall on my arabian skill because I was a little bit scared. But afterwards I didn’t think much about the fall. Instead, I just forgot it and focused on my routine. I held the pressure and the routine turned out pretty well.”

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Alice D’AMATO (ITA) - 5th place

On what her goal was for the all-around final:

“My goal was to do a great job and to do it for myself because in the last few days of competition I didn’t compete as I wanted and hoped for. Every time, after the competitions, I came back to the hotel feeling sad and out of sorts. So I said to myself that today was my last chance to show that I am worthy and I made it. That is why I am very happy.”

On her last routine on uneven bars where she scored 14.666, the third highest score of all the finalists:

“I had goosebumps and I said: “at last”. I didn’t reach the apparatus final because of the fall I had in the qualifications. The same happened on the day of the teams final. The best part is that I did the full routine and the fact that I knew I could do it.”

On what she is going to do in the next couple of days:

“Now I can go home more peacefully because it boosted my confidence. In the next few days I’m going to watch the finals in the stands because I did not reach any, and rest a little. Then we are going back home to start preparation for the Olympics.”

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Eythora THORSDOTTIR (NED) - 6th place

On how the competition went and whether she expected this result:

"It went really well today. There's always room for improvement of course, but top six, I’ll take that. I finished in 21st place during qualifications so I never dreamed I would finish in sixth place."

On how she will spend the next few days:

"I'm going to enjoy this weekend, explore Antwerp and maybe eat a waffle. I'm just going to treat myself and I think especially my coach and I will celebrate together because it's also due to his efforts."

News Service-IDW

Alice KINSELLA (GBR) – 7th place

On how she found out that she would be competing in place of her teammate Jessica Gadirova, who pulled out at the last minute with an unspecified injury:

“I hadn’t done much out in the back gym. I had only stretched but not been on any apparatus. The first thing I did was directly out there in the arena. When I found out that I was competing today I was getting my foot rubbed and my coach came over to me and said ‘Alice, get your leotard on. Jess is hurt.’ I didn’t know what to do in that moment.”

“When they announced the line-up, that’s when I found out. It was all a rush, but I guess it didn’t give me any time to think, so it is kind of a good thing, to be fair. I said to myself, ‘whatever happens, happens. Just go out there and enjoy it. You weren’t meant to be here so everything is a bonus.’’

On why Jessica Gadirova did not compete:

“I am not a hundred percent sure what happened to her. I have not had an update yet.”

On how she feels about her competition:

“I am super happy with myself. I didn’t expect to go out there and go clean. I did not expect to make the top ten. I just wanted to go out there and do a good competition. Coming seventh in the world, I really didn’t expect that. I feel really, really good. I’m super proud of myself, obviously.”

On what she is going to do now:

“I’m probably going to sleep. I’m very tired. It’s been a long trip and I’m really tired. So I’m obviously going to sleep but also see some friends and family. And definitely have a Belgian waffle.”

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Kaylia NEYMOUR (ALG) - 8th place

On how she feels after this final where she received a score of 15.200 on uneven bars, the highest score of all the finalists on that event:

“I’m super happy with myself. To have placed in the top eight, that was my goal and I accomplished it. There were a few small mistakes but on uneven bars I gave it my all and I received a very good score so I’m happy.”

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Men’s AA Final 05/10

Daiki Hashimoto (JPN) - All-around gold medal

On his slow start on floor, where a few stumbles left him in 17th place after the first rotation:

“Anything can happen in the game. I kept my mental state consistent after my floor routine, which wasn’t very good, and I came back very strong to catch up with the others.”

On his next five events, which were as good as he has ever performed them:

“After pommel horse I moved up, and on the high bar at the end I was able to take advantage of the difficulty that I have, so the performance that I did had the best score on that apparatus.”

On how he is able to consistently keep his nerve on horizontal bar whenever it matters:

“I eliminate all negative thoughts and just concentrate on the best performance that I can do.”

On whether he is aiming to capture as many world titles as the great Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura:

“What the legend Uchimura has done in his career is something that I have to keep striving for, but it's not something I focus on. I have to concentrate more on what I can do in my performance to improve as a gymnast.”

News Service-SB

Illia Kovtun (UKR) - All-around silver medal

On how he feels having gone one better than the 2021 world championships where he took all-around bronze:

“I’m very inspired. I did my best and tried hard ever since the championships in 2021. I have had surgery and I came second so I am very happy. I did my best thanks to my coach.”

On the pressure he felt at these world championships for the team to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games, which they achieved by taking the last available position, 12th:

“It was very hard here because we had to qualify to go to the Olympic Games. Of course it’s important to have the team at the Olympic Games because when you are an individual you don’t have the support. I had to work hard with my team and my coach so it’s special. When you are a team it’s better for the country.”

News Service-SB

Frederick RICHARD (USA) - All-around bronze medal

On whether his heart rate has slowed down yet after competing:

“It slowed a little but it’s racing still and I think it’s going to be like that for the rest of the evening.”

On what he was thinking about as he approached his last event, horizontal bar:

“When I came here I had a list of three things. First thing: stay healthy; second thing: have fun; third thing: do smooth gymnastics. I believed if I did all three of those, I would get a medal. So I entered high bar saying ‘I'm pretty healthy, so right now it’s time to have fun.’ When I fell off I said to my coach, ‘it’s not over yet, I still want to have fun and finish this routine smoothly’. That was probably the cleanest finish to a routine I’ve ever done.”

On whether he has any gas left in the tank for the apparatus finals:

“So much gas in the tank, I have so many people sitting in the crowd rooting for me. Sometimes I’m a little tired and then I hear ‘go Fred, go Fred’, and I’m like, alright, I’ve just got to put it out for them. And it’s the last competition of the season, so I’m just going to give it everything I’ve got.”

On whether he is going to make a TikTok video about winning the bronze medal:

“First I have to figure out who was the last American to win an all-around medal at worlds for men [It was Jonathan Horton in 2010]. 13 years? Wow, okay that might have to be one of my TikToks.”

News Service-NT-SB

Yumin ABBADINI (ITA) - 6th place

On his emotions after the competition:

“It was a very emotional experience, I tried to enjoy the all-around final. It wasn’t obvious at all. I reached the goal to compete among the best 24 gymnasts in the world. I did my best as usual and I couldn’t be more happy with the result.”

On who is the gymnast that impressed him the most during the competition:

“During the competition I tend not to look too much to the other gymnasts but I think I have to say that Hashimoto is the one that impressed me the most.”

On how he felt after seeing the that he was in sixth place:

“It was really surprising. I wasn’t expecting to be able to reach such a result. I did the best I could do at this moment. You can always do better so I will try my best to improve.”

News Service-GM-SB

Noe SEIFERT (SUI) - 8th place

On how he feels about his competition today:

“I am happy with eighth place, but I am also now totally exhausted. It has been a really hard week. Everything went well today, apart from the horizontal bar. But yes, apart from that, I am happy.”

On how he feels about improving his position by 31 places since Liverpool, where he was 39th:

“That was not so difficult. A lot went wrong in Liverpool! This time was a lot better.”

On what he and his teammates will do in the next few days:

“We will definitely celebrate today! The whole team are now done with competition and we have a few days off. Therefore we now have time to refill our batteries and clear our heads. We are flying back on Monday so there will be time for us to watch the finals and cheer on the best routines. I don’t have one specific gymnast I will particularly support, but it is exciting to watch other gymnasts’ routines.”

On what Switzerland’s men’s team being awarded the Fujitsu Infinity Award means to him:

“To be honest, I don’t really know what it is for. If it is for team effort then that’s great! I am not really aware what the award is for, because I was focussing on my final today. My teammates knew about it happening after the competition but I didn’t really get involved in that. It’s cool though!”

News Service-MW-SB

Women's Team Final 04/10

Simone BILES (USA) - Team gold medal

On how this medal fits in with all the competitions she has experienced:

“I’ve been here for a very long time so it’s crazy that I just keep going year after year. I’m really proud of the fight the team put together out there, especially having a teammate withdrawn. It’s not easy but you saw the strength and the courage of our team to keep going and pushing it out.”

On the dynamic in the team after her teammate Joscelyn Roberson got injured in the warm-up of their first event, vault:

“It wasn’t easy to watch that. I think that not only me but everyone got a little bit frazzled. We had to change the line-up but we made it happen and we worked it out.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Joscelyn ROBERSON (USA) - Team gold medal

On how her ankle is feeling:

“It’s feeling good, it’s just for safety that it’s wrapped up right now but it feels pretty good. To be the world champion helps a lot, also having this team around me. Especially having Simone around and being able to talk to her, she understands how I feel.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Leanne WONG (USA) - Team gold medal

On the moment she realised she had to get ready to fill in for Joscelyn:

“First I was like, ‘oh no what happened, is she okay?’ and then I was like, start kicking off your stuff. So I started running and going crazy, I had to get up there and beat it.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Skye BLAKELY (USA) - Team gold medal

On her bar routine:

“Going into bars I was like ‘this is me, I’m going to go out there and do my bar routine.’ My warm-up was great so I was very excited and the routine went pretty good so I’m very happy about it.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Shilese JONES (USA) - Team gold medal

On how she felt going into her beam routine after her teammate Leanne Wong fell:

“From the start there was a lot going on, having a teammate go down and then competing first for vault. To wrap it up we had a lot of nerves but we handled it pretty well. I just went out there and hit my routine.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Jade Barbosa (BRA) - Team silver medal

On the historic moment of Brazil’s first world championship team medal:

“We, as a team, believed for many years in this result. I think our biggest difficulty was to get everyone in shape at the same time, because our team has different levels, different ages and even different injuries. You’ve got to find the balance.”

“When Tokyo didn’t happen as a team, we got really worried about how long it would take for us to get up again. So we worked really hard to make it the shortest time possible.”

On the growth of gymnastics in Brazil:

“I get really emotional, because when I started many years ago, people didn’t know the names of the elements. Now they know about the code, the names, and even things that we don’t know ourselves.”

“We know how much gymnastics moves our country nowadays. If you knew how many people are in the crowd here today, that gave their all to pay for the tickets and be here.”

“So now I know how much this represents, because I hear people talking about gymnastics, and that was my dream - to make gymnastics more popular.”

News Service-AK-SB

Flavia SARAIVA (BRA) - Team silver medal

On her reaction to Brazil winning the silver medal:

"I think we reached a level where we feel really fulfilled. We can feel like we are part of the best teams in the world - well, actually we are now - and this is really important for us, since it helps us in our job.”

News Service-AK-SB

Melanie DE JESUS DOS SANTOS (FRA) - Team bronze medal

On how she is feeling after the French team won the bronze medal:

“Incredible, honestly I still can’t believe it. I’m so, so proud of my team, of what we have done tonight. We really performed the way we needed to, to get on the podium, so I’m really happy with my team tonight.”

On what Simone Biles and Joscelyn Roberson, who she trains with the in the USA, said to her:

“Before [the competition] in the warm-up hall they said to me ‘you can do it’ and I did it. After the competition they told me they are so happy for the team and for me.”

On what it means to win the first medal for the women’s team in almost 75 years:

“It’s incredible, I’m so happy because I waited for this world medal and I’m so proud of my team and proud of me.”

On what it was like to be the last gymnast to perform on beam:

“I was in my bubble and I just wanted to do my job. I knew I had to stay on the beam, not do it perfectly but stay on the beam, so I did it.”

On what this medal means for the team in light of the fact that next year’s Olympic Games will be in their home country:

“I think it’s something that is really going to motivate us towards the Games and it will make us want to be even better.”

On how they are going to celebrate:

“I don’t think we’re going to celebrate tonight, because I have the all-around final, so just a little bit maybe, but not too much because we need to sleep and rest.”

News Service-NT-SB

QIU Qiyuan (CHN)

On how she felt during today’s performance where her team placed fourth:

“In the first rotation on uneven bars, I was a little bit nervous. I felt different from qualification. Although I was the third person to go up in my team, I was actually the fifth one to go up under the alternative rule. That’s why I had to wait a little longer and it affected my quality of gymnastics a little.”

“Today my floor routine is clean, much better than before. Also I did okay in the vault and I am happy about my score.”

On how China could improve their vaulting, which is their weakest apparatus:

“First, we have to improve our physical ability. We need that strength in order to learn those difficult vaults and make sure we don’t get hurt. For us, we need to practise more on the strength and then improve vaulting skills.”

On her goal approaching the all-round final:

“Of course I really want to fight for the podium but I know that my difficulty score is not up there yet. I think for now, I just want to stay calm and do my best.”

On whether she can speak English in order to communicate with other gymnasts:

“Not at all, very little. We barely have a chance to speak with foreign gymnasts. I really want to talk with Simone Biles. She is the best of them all. Although I had learnt some English in the past, I don’t think I am confident enough to talk to her.”

On what she learnt at her first world championships:

“I think the atmosphere at foreign competitions is different. Also I want to learn from foreign gymnasts on how they handle this kind of pressured environment calmly. They looked so relaxed and happy. Even though they had a fall, they still smiled a lot. I think this is very important in terms of emotional control.”

News Service-VC-SB

Enrico CASELLA (ITA) - Coach

On his thoughts about the competition and the Italian team placing fifth:

“We were really close to a medal again but before coming to Antwerp we would have expected somewhere around fifth position. We are down the rankings again but the competition was amazing. The Italian girls fought from beginning to end and I liked how they competed a lot.”

“We must not forget that we have two gymnasts who did the world championships for the first time, so it wasn’t easy. We also saw other teams make mistakes and that is not easy too. It was a very hard competition and it was great to be here, but for the medal we have to wait for another time.”

On how the new members of the team coped with their first world championships:

“They did really well. Arianna (Belardelli) and Angela (Andreoli) did their job. They got the scores that we needed and in this kind of competition that is not easy. The senior members brought energy to the team.”

News Service-GM-SB


On her analysis of how the team final went for Italy:

“We started with the beam which is usually the trickiest event, but we did amazing. The competition was very hard but we believed in ourselves, we had nothing to lose and so I said ‘lets have fun’. We did really well until the last event which was uneven bars and maybe because it was the last event or maybe because we were shaking a little bit more, we could have done better. I think we should be content.”

News Service-GM-SB


On how it felt to compete in her first World Championships:

“It was a really big emotion, I did not expect this result and I had lots of fun. I thank all my teammates for the support. It was amazing.”

News Service-GM-SB


On how the team is feeling:

“We couldn’t ask anything more, from the support from the crowd for our team mates, and everyone at home as well. We are really moved and very grateful for it. It wasn’t our best performance but it’s a lesson we will learn from and hopefully next year we will bring it.”

On how she celebrated her birthday yesterday:

“I got a few gifts and my roommate made the room so magical. She got balloons and pens that glow in the dark, and wrote Happy Birthday on the mirror. I did have to train but it’s all part of the sport. I am so thankful for everyone who made the day so special for me. I missed my [twin] sister [Jennifer]. We chatted three times on the phone and kept in contact, but it was definitely strange not having her with me on our birthday. But these things happen and I know we will see each other soon.”

On how she is going to prepare for her finals in the coming days [all-around, vault, beam and floor]:

“I’m just going to recover as much as possible. I feel the fire in my belly and just want to go out there. improve on my mistakes and just do it again.”

News Service-MW-SB

Mens Team Final 03/10

Daiki HASHIMOTO (JPN) - Team gold medal

On what winning the gold medal means to the team:

“Since 2019 we only ever won silver and bronze medals which we were disappointed about. We really wanted to win this gold medal, so we are very happy about it.”

On how the team plans their competition:

“I am not the one to start a rotation, I’m usually in third or fourth place. It’s usually Kazuma Kaya and Kenta Chiba who are the guys that start. They set up the way it flows for the team. Now I have answered with my own performance.”

On the things that did not go so well tonight:

“On the pommel horse we had some big mistakes. We had to wait for the scores for a pretty long time. That is the time when we have to maintain our mental strength but sometimes that doesn’t go well. But we came back from it. I am not saying this to complain. We know things happen but they can’t be changed.”

On how the team will be celebrating tonight:

“We still have the all-around final coming, so there won’t be any celebrations. I want to sleep for a very long time!”

News Service-MW-SB

LIN Chaopan (CHN) - Team silver medal

On the team performance as a whole after climbing from eighth place to finish with the silver medal:

“I really appreciated my brothers’ performance. This is the real Team China. We had a very good momentum and that’s what we needed. On some events, we did not have very high scores but we had to have better spirit than our competitors.”

On what it was like to fly directly from the Asian Games in China to Antwerp as a substitute for teammate Shi Cong in team final:

“In the morning of the day I competed on horizontal bar [at the Asian Games], I was told that maybe there was a chance for me to fly to Belgium after the final. When the team needs me, I will be there. I always say that the nation has been raising me since I was a child and now I have to give back.”

On what did he do to maintain his stability and good quality of gymnastics after such a long flight:

“I just tried to stay calm. Be bold but at the same time careful on every move that I do, so that I am able to perform to the best of my abilities. I would not say it was the perfect day for me, but I would say I did my very best.”

On his thoughts about being back in the arena where he became parallel bars world champion ten years ago:

I felt amazed that I was in Antwerp again after ten years. It is special to me. Since I arrived, I have been very excited.”

On what he is going to do with ‘Gymbo’ mascot they received on the medal podium:

“Definitely give it to my daughter. I will keep it safe for her.”

News Service-VC-SB

YOU Hao (CHN) - Team silver medal

On what he felt about the performance of his team today:

“At first, our goal was to do each of our vaults well because the first event is always very important. We have to make sure we show team spirit and high energy. As you all see, starting from the second rotation, we really got into the momentum and showed the world that China as a team is not willing to be defeated.”

On what the team did for the past two days to redeem themselves in the final after qualifying in eighth place:

“First thing, to be more calm. I thought we were too nervous in qualifications and some teammates made mistakes from the very start of the competition and it just got worse after that. Today we basically changed our whole strategy. We took all the skills that we are not confident enough with out of our routines. We just want to finish all our routines smoothly.”

On why the team held each other in a circle after their penultimate rotation on pommel horse and shouted loudly ‘come on team China’:

“Because we needed some momentum. We needed to stay very focused and maintain the power. That’s why when we were at the still rings rotation, we had to stay together and encourage each other by shouting out loud.”

“For me, I was the last one to go up to the still rings. I felt that the shout helped us. After I saw two of my teammates finish their routines, I really wanted to go up there to show what I’ve got.”

On what this silver medal means to the team and how they are going to prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics:

“To be honest, silver is not the best result we want but Japan definitely did a better job today. I think next year will be the real battle between China and Japan because we didn’t have our best gymnasts here this year. I would say this is not the full team China. We are looking forward to competing against Japan next year.”

News Service-VC-SB

Yul MOLDAUER (USA) - Team bronze medal

On the advice he gave the team this week:

“We’ve all been through pressured situations, we all dreamed of these moments. We need to go out there and just take one routine at a time, it’s not three up three to count, it’s 18 total routines. I knew that these guys were going to go out there and crush it, I could see it in their eyes.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Asher HONG (USA) - Team bronze medal

On his first world medal:

“It has been crazy! I’m just glad that all the hard work paid off. We went out there and hit our sets. We were confident in each other, we trusted each other and we trusted ourselves.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Khoi YOUNG (USA) - Team bronze medal

On how he feels the team performed today:

“We always say that we want to come here and hit every set but we know it’s not going to be perfect and the most important thing is to get back up and finish.”

On how he felt about his high bar routine:

“Man, I am not a high bar guy so I was a little nervous but I had these guys behind me so I was confident enough to do what I needed to do.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Paul JUDA (USA) - Team bronze medal

On his journey with all the injuries he had and what it means for him to now win a medal:

“We were up there on the podium and the Japanese anthem started playing. I looked up and saw the USA flag waving and all I thought of was the last couple of months with injury after injury after injury and how I showed up every day. That's all that really matters in the end. I can’t thank these guys enough. Every single day I’ve been leaning on every single one of these guys. Nine months ago, I probably wouldn’t have told you, but yeah, I freaking love you.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Frederick RICHARD (USA) - Team bronze medal

On what was going through his mind when he was about to start his last routine, on horizontal bar:

“So many things were going through my head and it mostly was all the important people in my life: my friends and family back home, my mom and dad, my two old coaches that came to this competition just to watch me, my coach at Michigan and these boys. I saw the boys standing on the side and I said, I have to put it down for them, that was going through my head. I was fighting for every single catch and I think I lost a year of my life to get me into that stuck landing. I did it for you boys! The team building we did on this trip was amazing and it showed, that's the reason that we took this win.”

News Service-IDW-SB


On his thoughts about finishing fourth in the team final:

It is disappointing of course. I think we just came fourth in the world and the whole team feels a little bit gutted. There are definitely positives to take from it in terms of moving forward. We made some mistakes as a team but we can build on it and we can improve on it. Slightly gutted, of course. Fourth position is difficult.

On how he feels being back in international competition:

“It’s been a long time and it feels like it as well. The last time were the Tokyo Olympics, so these world championships are the first major competition since then. It feels like a lifetime ago, it is crazy how time flies. It is good to be back with the team. Massively pleased that I have made it to the pommel final. We have got the boys in the all-around and then more in the apparatus finals, so there is more to do this week.

On what he remembers from being at the world championships in Antwerp in 2013:

“2013 were my first championships so it is nice to come full circle. It is a decade later and that makes me feel old. I remember what my mindset was at that time and it was all about trying to build experience for the future. It shows that I have done some good things when I was around that age. I’ve definitely had that longevity that I had hoped for. That was a big platform for me and it is amazing to be back. I have lots of fun memories.”

News Service-GM-MW-SB


On how the competition went and his feelings about finishing in sixth place:

“In the middle of the competition we struggled a bit and had the odd fall, but especially the young ones in the team performed really well again today. We are the sixth best team in the world, so I don’t think we can or should criticise ourselves at all. We had a great competition, especially our super pommel routines at the end. We can definitely be happy with it all.”

On whether the men’s sixth place makes up for last night’s disappointment about the women’s team failing to qualify for the Olympic Games by a very small margin:

“It was really sad what happened to the women. I feel really sorry for them, especially those who are injured and couldn’t join the competition. Sadly this is what this sport can be like. It is sometimes hard, but they will stand up again and come back stronger. I wish them all the best.”

On whether they will have any kind of celebration tonight:

“I think we will stay in the hotel and have a quiet celebration. I have my next final in two days [all-around] so there won’t be much celebration for me tonight. It will be more focused on relaxing and putting my feet up. Thursday is another day.”

News Service-MW-SB


On his feelings after placing fifth in the final:

“The competition was a little up and down but all in all it was good. I think we can be very happy with the final result.”

On which apparatus went well and which ones did not:

“Pommel was better than in the qualifications, and we also did well on high bar. The two falls on bars and floor were the downside. But apart from that the competition went well.”

On the spirit in the team:

“The spirit in the team is great but I am extremely exhausted. I did six apparatus on Sunday and five today. And I will have to do it again on Thursday [in the all-around]. I really need a break now.”

On how he and the team will celebrate reaching the team final, after Switzerland placed 20th at the world championships last year:

“I will try to sleep tonight but after this result, I think that will be difficult.”

News Service-MW-SB


On how he sums up the team result, coming eighth:

“As I said to my teammates, we achieved our goal two days ago by qualifying for the Olympics. Today's competition was just the cherry on the cake. Even though we did not have a very good performance it is still an experience. We made some little mistakes, we did an amazing job until the last event. To finish on pommel horse is really hard because your arms hurt and seeing other gymnasts fail can distract you a lot. It was a war until the last routine.”

On how focussed he was on floor, his speciality event:

“I was very concentrated on the floor because we were here to fight with the best eight teams and with gymnasts that had already won Olympic and world championship medals before.”

On how much he feels the two falls from Mario Macchiati on pommel horse affected their final score:

“The mistake made by Matteo made the difference on the final score. It is part of the game. Even a trivial error on a simple move, you never know what to expect in a competition”

News Service-GM-SB

Qualifications 02/10

WAG Subdivision 10

Lorette CHARPY (FRA)

On how she felt about competing in this arena:

“It was great, I felt good ever since podium training. There were a lot of French people tonight so I felt good and well supported.”

On whether she felt nervous before starting the competition:

“Definitely, because we wanted to qualify for the Olympics for our country, but I think it was a positive thing, I wanted to do well and help the team as much as I could.”

On how she feels about qualifying to the uneven bars final:

“I learned that a few minutes ago and I still don’t realise it yet, but it’s great. Since this is my comeback [from injury] I’m really happy.”

News Service-LG-GM-SB


On how she is feeling, now the team has gained Olympic qualification and a place in the team final:

“It’s crazy! We did great and we go to Paris! We are very happy! See you in Paris!!

On the atmosphere in the arena with a large crowd of French supporters:

“It was pretty good. The French people were on the stands, that was cool.”

On her expectations for her next competitions:

“The expectations I have for me are to do better and I think the same applies for the team. We achieved the qualification to go to Paris, so now we just have to enjoy the competition.”

On what did not go so well today:

“I am not really happy with my bars and my beam routines, also my floor, too. It’s not bad, but I think I can do better. That is why I’m happy but at the same time I am sad. I can’t wait to do it again and do better in two days’ time.”

News Service-MW-SB

OU Yushan (CHN)

On how she feels the team has performed today:

“Our team has done a fantastic job, literally super good. We have been supporting each other since forever. We all had our own difficulties to face but we all got through it. All I want to say is, we really did a good job.”

On how she hopes they will perform in team final:
“I will definitely lead my great teammates to wherever we can go, as far as we can.”

On feeling a little emotional after the competition:

“I cried happy tears. I was just so excited about our performance. From Tokyo 2021 to now, this is the first time our team has reached the top 3.”

News Service-VC-SB

QIU Qiyuan (CHN)

On how qualification went for her and hopes for her finals:

“This is the first real competition for me at the world championships. I was a little nervous going up there. What I was aiming for is to be stable, so I did not use all of my difficult skills. I still have something more in my pocket on uneven bars.”

“For the beam, I was a little nervous also. Not the scores I want but definitely happy that I was able to stay on the beam.”

“For all-around, all I am going to do is fight to get on the medal podium.”

News Service-VC-SB

ZHANG Qingying (CHN)

On what she thinks about qualifying to the beam final in third place:

“I stayed on the beam, I am happy about it. But I think I can improve on the execution of my skills. I would really hope to stay on the beam in the final.”

On why she did not do her floor routine, despite being named to do it:

“I was surprised too. I was ready for it. But my foot wasn’t feeling so good recently, so the coaches decided to let me get some rest and save me for the beam. And I thought that was very helpful.”

News Service-VC-SB

HUANG Zhuofan (CHN)

On whether being the uneven bars specialist for the team gave her more pressure:

“I definitely had pressure. As long as I do my best and stay on, this is the most important part.”

On her thoughts on uneven bars finals:

“I am the fourth highest qualifier, I am aiming for a medal.”

News Service-VC-SB

ZHOU Yaqin (CHN)

On getting into the floor final which is not usually the best apparatus for team China:

“I did not think in that way. Rather, I was really happy that I could perform my best. I am also very pleased that I did not disappoint my coaches who have been trusting me.”

On what the Chinese-style music and choreography for her floor routine means to her:

“For me, I really like dancing in Chinese and I think it really suits me. So when our choreographer in the national team chose this music for me, I really liked it.”

News Service-VC-SB

QIU Qiyuan (CHN)

On how she became a gymnast:

“I started with the trampoline first. I was quite playful when I was young. I told my mother I really want to go and try the trampoline and she took me somewhere to train. At the age of around four, one of the artistic gymnastics coaches saw me playing around all day, then decided to try me in artistic gymnastics. They asked me whether I liked it or not and I said I enjoyed it a lot. I have been training ever since.”

On her favourite gymnast and a role model:

“There are lots of female and male gymnasts from China that I looked up to when growing up. I had so much to learn from them. But ultimately, I really like Simone Biles. She is very strong in many ways and I had so much to learn from her.”

On her hobbies outside gymnastics:

“I really like dancing and in fact I had dancing lessons when I was young.”

On her goals in gymnastics:

“No doubt, to become an Olympic champion. I will be really happy if I become Olympic uneven bars champion. Also, I would really like to become an all-around Olympic champion because no Chinese female gymnast has ever done it before. I want to try to make it happen.”

On what she likes about the uneven bars:

“I would not say I am a natural uneven bars swinger. But I think I have good conformity so I spent more time on it when I was little. When I am up there, I don’t really feel so nervous. I just enjoy my flying skills.”

On how important it is for her and the team to get a team medal:

“To prove to the world that we, as a team, are capable of doing good gymnastics. I also want people to think that we are one of the strong teams out there.”

News Service-VC-SB

WAG Subdivision 9


On today’s performance:

“I was the first one to perform on three out of four apparatus so I couldn’t make any mistakes. It wasn’t perfect, but I did my job without failing.”

On her floor routine:

“The floor was the only apparatus I wasn’t satisfied with today. There were some mistakes that I don’t usually make in training. If I go to the floor final, I want to do it perfect without mistakes.”

On making it to the team final:

“I’m very happy because we made it together. And I’m also happy that I can compete again in this atmosphere. I’m not sure if I’m going to change anything but I will talk to my coach and then we will see.”

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WAG Subdivision 8

Sarah VOSS (GER)

On how she thinks the German team performed in qualifications:

“I’m really happy that we managed such a good performance. We had a few wobbles but we have no fall on record. However the realisation sets in slowly that we are around 157 points and there are another four nations [above us] also with around 157 points. Therefore we will now have to wait. We can’t blame ourselves though. We worked really, really hard in the preparation for this event despite a lot of set-backs, and we fought back so well. The girls are very young and did it all really well. I am so happy that they remained so cool. I don’t think I could have done it at their age. I think Pauline [Schaefer-Betz] and I showed a few more nerves. I am so proud of the team.”

On whether the team will stay in the arena to watch the last two subdivisions:

“We will now have some food but I think we will watch the last two subdivisions in the arena. Families and friends are here, and to have a hug from them later will help us to relax and ease the pressure.”

On her view on where a valuable tenth of a point could have potentially been lost:

“There are some thoughts on where the tenth of a point could have been saved. Pauline’s vault was not recognised fully by the jury, my bars routine was not well mastered and on floor the jury did not recognise all of Pauline’s spins, even though I think they were beautiful. All in all, there is always something to criticise but that is the same for all nations, therefore I prefer to stay with the positives. We ‘rocked’ it, we remained without any falls and were able to enjoy the atmosphere in the arena.”

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On how her first World Championships went:

“I am very happy with how they went. Maybe I expected a little more but if I look back at two years ago I wouldn't even expect to be here. In fact in 2021 I discovered I had an autoimmune disease in my lungs so it wasn't certain if I could have continued with gymnastics.”

On her thoughts after finishing beam, her last event:

“I immediately thought: I have just finished my first world championships, I didn’t fall in any event, I don’t know how I am here but I am. I made it. “

On who she was looking forward to meeting in Antwerp:

"I would have loved to see Simon Biles but I was training so I couldn’t make it."

On how many languages she speaks:

"I speak four different languages. Italian is my mother tongue, then French and I learned German and English."

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Lea Marie QUAAS (GER)

On her views about the qualification competition:

“I feel quite well. I’m glad we did it, and we did it well. I think we had a good competition. We can’t blame ourselves. We made very few mistakes. Not everything went to plan for us in the run-up to this event, especially with injuries to Emma [Malewski] and Ellie [Seitz], and my slight injury prior to the podium training which left a question mark on my competition, too. Given all of that, I am really glad that we all competed so well. We were all well prepared and fit, we mastered our routines and that is how we went into the competition, and I think we were able to show that.”

On the current position of the German team in tenth place, 0,101 points behind ninth-placed Canada with two more subdivisions still to come:

"The current standing is very close. The spirit in the team is a little subdued at the moment but we are not giving up hope. There are three more teams to come tonight that are very good but we won’t bury our head in the sand. Maybe we are lucky in the end and our performance today was enough after all."

On whether injured team mates Ellie Seitz and Emma Malewski made contact with the team:

“We had contact with Ellie and Emma prior to the competition. They wished us luck and tried to motivate us as much as possible. They are both here today and cheered us on, too. That was motivating!”

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On competing for the Philippines after switching her nationality from USA:

“It is such an honour to be here to represent the Philippines. My family is here and all my friends are at home watching. It was an amazing experience because I saw so many Philippines flags going up everywhere.“

On whether she has met Carlos Edriel Yulo (PHI):

“I first met Yulo in 2021 at the South East Asian Games. I had actually watched him at a world championship. It was the first time I thought, “oh he is from the Philippines and he is really, really good”.

“When I met him the first time, he was way shorter in person than I actually expected. He was awesome, a little quiet but very, very polite. I have so much respect for him in his gymnastics, it is pure art.”

On whether she has met team USA here in Antwerp:

“Yes, I was able to see team USA train. It was funny because I was thinking I would run into them at some point. When I went to fill up my water bottle I realised Shilese Jones (USA) was behind a curtain. I said “Hey, hi” and ran into everybody afterwards. It was so cool to see them here because we were former teammates in the past.”

On her friendship with Leanne Wong (USA):

“I am so proud of her and how she continuously gets better every time I see her. It is awesome because I have known her since around five years old. It is just super special.”

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WAG Subdivision 7

Elsabeth BLACK (CAN)

On what the team goal was for these world championships, having already qualified for Paris last year in Liverpool:

“I think it is taking a little bit of pressure off ourselves. We have a new team here and for lots of girls it is a new experience. The biggest thing is to get them experiences, to go out and compete. Let them know what the pressure situation of a big championship was like.”

“Of course our team goal is always to make the team final and place the best we possibly could. We had some mistakes today but we will definitely build and learn from that.”

On her thoughts on both Canadian men and women teams going to the Olympics next year:

“I think that has been the highlight so far at the championships. I am super proud of the men's team. We came and watched yesterday and I was crying in the stands. I think it is truly amazing. I know a lot of these boys have been working so hard for so many years, really all that hard work has paid off. I think it is super exciting to have both men and women team for Canada at the Olympics for the first time in 20 years.”

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On how she experienced her first world championships:

“It’s been unbelievable! I never thought I would ever be allowed to compete at world championships. It was an incredible feeling to represent Austria and the Austrian team.”

On her family tradition of gymnastics:

“My two younger sisters also do gymnastics and my older sister used to, as well. Neither has ever competed at world championships. Sadly they can’t be here but they are watching the livestream at home.”

On competing at the same event as Simone Biles:

“I watched Simone Biles competing yesterday but haven’t yet met her personally. I hope I’ll get a chance at some point in the next few days. She has been my idol since I was little, and to actually see her live in the arena has been amazing! It feels incredible to be in the same competition as Simone. To think that I just performed on the same vault that she introduced her new element on yesterday is totally mind-blowing!”

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On how she feels after today’s qualifications:

“I genuinely think today went pretty well. There are obviously some things that I can do better but that’s [always the way] for everything you’ll ever do in gymnastics. There were some mistakes but I feel I was able to either conceal them or come back from them pretty well so I’m proud of today.”

On whether they have a chance to qualify for individual or team finals:

“I don’t think we made the finals for the team but I do think we have some pretty good qualifications for making an all-around or event final.”

On her favourite moment of today:

“Probably finishing my first event because this is my first world championships. I was just like, oh I’m a real world athlete now.”

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WAG Subdivision 6

Ruby PASS and Breanna SCOTT (AUS)

On how their qualifications went:

Ruby:”It was alright, we did well as a team and kept the team spirit up.”

Breanna: “We all went out there and gave our best. We worked as a team, and we are really happy about that.”

On how Ruby feels about her world championships debut:

Ruby: “I felt really supported by all the girls. That kept the nerves down a bit.”

On Breanna’s goal for this world championships after coming 10th in the team competition in 2022:

Breanna: “This year our main goal is definitely looking for a team spot for next year [at the Paris Olympics]. Our main focus was just working as a team, making sure we support each other. We did our best to achieve that. It is just a waiting game now, but we were happy about how we went. We did well as a team.”

On whether she is okay after falling on her vault:

Ruby: “I think it is alright now.”

On how placing first all-around at the Oceania Continental Championships in May helped her at these world championships:

Ruby: “It was not about placing but more [about getting] experience of competitions and it definitely helped with that.”

News Service-VC-MW-SB


On what happened on uneven bars where she made a small mistake:

“I don’t know, I think it just happens in gymnastics and you have to think fast so you don’t forget the routine. I regained myself well and that is the most important thing.”

On what the team goal is:

“First of all, qualify for the Olympic Games and if it comes to the finals, we are ready to do our best. Any results in finals are a bonus. We are there to enjoy and just do the best we can. If we get a medal, we would be very happy.”

On how often she travels to Guarulhos, her birthplace and home:

“Not as much as I would like to because I’m always training in Rio de Janeiro. Luckily at the end of the year I always go there because my family is still living in Guarulhos.”

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WAG Subdivision 5


On what it would mean if Mexico were able to qualify a team to Olympics:

“A lot! Because it’s never been done before, it would be like making history. Being in such an event and sharing it with other people is a lot better. I think it would be a great experience.”

On what motivated her to return to gymnastics at the age of 29, having stopped for several months to recover from injuries:

“I don’t know! Last year I actually came just to watch the world championships, and it was like, oh, it would be so much fun to be there again, I would really like to be there, should I try or not? So starting this year I decided to go for it.”

“I used to think that I wouldn’t be doing gymnastics after 25 years old, not at all. Then I kept going, and sometimes I feel like I’m really old and there’s a lot of new faces, but when I see old faces, it’s like we have a stronger bond.”

On what she likes about being in the competition arena:

“I love the feeling of being out there with so many people watching and cheering for you. You just have to enjoy every single moment you’re out there. The whole competition is about an hour, but my participation is less than five minutes. It’s crazy.

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On how she felt today:

“I was very stressed because these are my first world championships and I had the objective to qualify for the Olympics. But I really enjoyed it and it was amazing.”

On whether she expected to score so well with her uneven bars routine, where she is currently in second place at the halfway stage in qualifications:

“Yes, because I knew that if I did a good routine, the score would be good. But I wasn’t expecting that high, to have 14.733. I was expecting less. There were a few mistakes but the goal was to do a good routine and have a good score and I did it.”

On what she thinks about her all-around competition today:

“I’ve done what I needed to do so I’m really happy. All my routines were successful.”

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On how she feels about her competition:

“I feel really good about my performance today. The arena is very good and the competition is too. It was important to come out clean and I did that okay. I am so happy!”

On the long wait she had prior to her vault:

“When we are concentrating during the competition, we don’t notice what is going on around us. I was just waiting for my turn.”

On whether she hopes to reach the all-around final, currently being in 16th place after subdivision 5 of 10:

“I have hopes to get into the all-around final but I will now have to wait. I will stay in the arena to watch the other competitors.”

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WAG Subdivision 4


On how she is feeling compared to earlier in the year:

“At the European championships I wasn’t in my best shape because of an injury and I still wasn’t 100%. In this competition I felt very comfortable and I wanted to fight for the Olympic spot so badly. I am feeling quite good and I am very happy, mostly for my teammates that helped me a lot in everything.”

On how she prepares herself mentally for competition:

“Before competing each event, everything clears from your mind. I personally tend to visualise my routine, isolate myself, breathe and calm myself down to start the event in the quietest way possible.”

On how she thinks the qualifications went:

“We started well on uneven bars, had some mistakes on beam but then everything went really well. Now we just have to wait.”

On what she thinks about the crowd in today’s qualifications:

“The crowd was amazing, they animated the competition the whole time.”

News Service-GM-SB


On how they coped with all the setbacks, such as losing top gymnasts due to injury or illness, and then suffering several falls throughout the competition:

"Of course it is difficult when you have to do it without Nina Derwael and Lisa Vaelen, but we have a lot of other talent in our team who can also do great competitions. You just have to keep pushing, keep training and never give up hope."

"I think that top 12 is not really achievable but there is not much to say about it. We could have done better, but it just happened and we can't change anything."

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Qualifications 01/10

WAG Subdivision 3

YEO Seojeong (KOR)

On how team Korea performed today:

“I think it came out well, as we have worked very hard for it.”

On what her goal is coming into this world championships:

“Do my best and hopefully get a medal on vault.”

News Service-VC-SB

Georgia-Mae FENTON (GBR)

On how the qualifications went:

“I think it went really well, I had a tough build-up, lots of bumps on the road. Just came up here and hit my routines. I’m quite happy how they went and everyone else smashed it as well.”

On what they will do in the next few days before their next competition:

“We will definitely take some rest first and recover. Probably do some photoshoot and tiktok dances and we will do a little bit of shopping. Everything to keep our minds happy and clear going to the next competition. Obviously we have training as well, we have to work on the fine details.”

On her mental tips to stay ready for competition:

“I like to journal a lot. Every night I write down some positive things, and which things are coming up tomorrow. Just whatever I'm feeling at that moment. I like to get it all off my chest, open the book, close the book and then I tend to feel a little better. Also visualising and just spending time with people who are really there for me.”

News Service-SB


On whether anything has changed since last year:

“Not much has changed, I did the same training program. I’m going to the gym every single day and obviously I was working on upgrades. I’m just happy to be here in Antwerp and also being amongst great gymnasts as well.”

On whether it is important for her to get back on the all-around podium:

“Because I did it last year, the pressure is more off. I just got out there, did the best performance I can and just enjoyed the occasion. All-around is a very hard competition because you have to hit all four apparatus. So I will just have a rest and hopefully do really well at the all-around.”

On where she keeps her medals:

“I can’t tell you because it has to be a secret!”

News Service-IDW-SB


On how they feel about the age gap between them, with Alice Kinsella aged 22 years and Ruby Evans the youngest in the team at 16:

Alice: “Going into my fifth world championships and being one of the oldest ones, I am able to bring experience and help [Ruby] as well. I think it’s good to have an older gymnast to help the younger ones.”

Ruby: “Being the youngest is obviously a bit scary. It’s my first time but the team really helps, because obviously they are very experienced and they know what to do and they just help me. They tell me to be positive and just be myself. They did that today and it was very good.”

On whether there was any pressure on the team today given that they have already qualified for the Olympic Games:

Alice: “We came in today with not so much pressure on ourselves. Obviously we still wanted to go out and do the best we could, and we did that. We did have a few mistakes, but you never know. It’s gymnastics, anything can happen on the day. I am super proud of this team. It does feel good that we have the team already qualified for Paris but we obviously wanted to go out there and do our best.”

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WAG Subdivision 2

Skye Blakely (USA)

On what the differences are between competing at world championships this year compared to last year:

"The dynamics are definitely different, there are different people who have been to different places."

On what happened in her beam routine, where she fell twice:

"It didn't go how I wanted to, I made some mistakes I never do but it can't always go how you want it to. I'm disappointed with myself. I know I could have been better. But now I'm just going to move forward, think about the team finals and support my team."

On her next performance in team finals:

"I know I can definitely do better than that. It's not what I'm used to showing, so I'm going back to the gym and do it how I can do it."

News Service-VG-SB


On whether being at her first world championships is what she was expecting:

“It’s been what I expected, pretty much. The only thing that surprised me is how we don’t get to see the guys, we don’t get to watch them as much. But that’s really it. Everything else, like the work plan, and all the trainings, I figured it was going to be like this so nothing’s really surprised me.

News Service-SB

Shilese JONES (USA)

On how she thinks her routines went:

“I am happy with some things. I’m pretty hard on myself, but I’m super proud. The things I’m not happy with are just little things. The vault landing was a little short, beam could have been a little more precise, bars were great, but could have been just a little bit better on the double front.”

On whether she felt her bars score was a little low at 14.833:

“I feel like it was pretty good. I did pretty much the same bar routine last year and had a 14.800. I’m happy overall.”

On how she seems to have come back stronger after a year of not competing much due to an injury:

“I feel more confident with my skills. Like everyone says, the older you get, the more responsible and better you get. I’m just paying more attention to details. Details will get you far and not just the big skills. It’s each and every turn. I’ve really been focusing on that from the last worlds to now, and I feel stronger. I am just happy that I am out here, confident again, so why not just give it all?”

News Service-MW-SB

TING Hua Tien (TPE)

On how her qualification competition went:

“I made some mistakes here and there. Lots of little mistakes will be costly when adding them up. But considering we just arrived in Antwerp two days after competing in the Asian Games, with literally just one day of training then competition, I felt okay with my performance.”

On whether getting the Asian Games balance beam bronze two days ago helped her performance here in Antwerp:

“It definitely boosted my confidence in that I knew I could do it and I already mastered all my elements on beam. I am quite confident going up on the beam, just not my best day.”

News Service-VC-SB

WAG Subdivision 1


On how it felt competing with a different team than the one which was supposed to come:

"Even though there were many teammates missing like Martina Maggio, Asia D'Amato and Giorgia Villa, we still managed to be a very cohesive team and be there for each other. Each of us helped out on our strongest events and thanks to this we were able to do a pretty great competition. In comparison to last year we did better and we were mentally stronger."

On what she thinks are her chances of qualifying for the all-around finals:

"My next goal is the final, I don't know if I am going to be there but I think, based on my score, that I can make it to the top 24."

News Service-GM-SB


On what she thinks are the chances for the team to qualify to the Olympics:

"It is difficult of course because we are the first subdivision but I really think we did very well. I think we improved our record by two points so it seems to be enough, but you never know. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a chance to make the team final but it's still very exciting."

On whether, at the age of 22, at her fifth world championships, she felt nervous before the competition:

"Because of my experience, I know more about what to expect but I still felt much more nervous than usual. I don't think I've felt this way for some time. You never know if you will get it under control but after the first exercise it went right away, which definitely gave a boost to my confidence."

News Service-IDW-SB

Hillary HERON (PAN)

On her feelings after her floor routine where she seemed emotional:

“It was very special because it was just the second time I competed the ‘Biles’ on floor. It made me really happy and I stuck almost all my landings. Floor was the event that I enjoyed the most. My coach told me to go out there and bring the party. This is exactly what I did.”

On whether she has had the chance to meet Simone here in Antwerp:

”Not yet, I wish, I wish I have the chance. If I see her or if she reaches out to me, maybe I’ll pass out.”

On performing the ‘Biles’ [double layout with half turn] on floor:

“Honestly, I never thought I would be doing the Biles. Being able to do it is such an honour, especially as Simone Biles is here in Antwerp right now. She is such a good gymnast but also a great person, someone I can look up to and someone I have been watching since I was a small kid.”

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MAG Subdivision 6


On their feelings after qualifying to the Olympics with the team:

Casimir: "I am one of the older and more experienced gymnasts on the team. When you make it to the Olympics, it's a magical feeling! I hope I can be there in Paris, in any case, I'm going to do everything I can for that."

Jermain: "I can't describe it, I’ve run out of words. We gave everything to it with the whole team for four years and we made it. I can't describe it better than the tears you see in my eyes right now."

Loran: "What the hell happened here just now, I don't really realise it yet."

Bart: "I'm super proud of the guys and myself, we worked so hard! It's why I started gymnastics again, to strengthen the team and achieve this. It's just indescribable that we get to go back to the games with the team."

Casimir: "Being a reserve twice at the Olympic Games is not something you like very much. Of course these qualifications don't guarantee that I will make it to the Olympics now. This was our goal four years ago, when we started with the new seniors, and we just made it."

Loran: "I was shaking so much! I was sweating all over, in places I didn't even know I could. I want to close with a quote: 'Young team, one goal'."

News Service-IDW-SB

Lorenzo Minh CASALI (ITA)

On the team’s mindset coming to these world championships, after winning team gold at this year's European Championships:

"Arriving here as European champions obviously gave us more pressure, because it builds up the expectations about us. It was really tough, but we managed to handle it all and have one of the best performances lately. Even after the last apparatus' mistakes [on horizontal bar], Yumin did an excellent performance. It was especially the great support we have for each other that made us keep going, even while being so tired and making a few slips here and there.”

On their expectations for team finals:

"We have chances for sure, because over the past two years we have been European vice-champions and champions and came fourth in Liverpool. But no one can tell what's going to happen on the field of play. We still have the chance and the hope though.”

On his feelings about qualifying for the all-around finals for the second year in a row:

"Right now I'm really tired, but I feel incredibly happy because this underlines the work that our team and our coaches are putting in, and most of all that Italy is out there and can hold its own in an international field.”

News Service-VG-SB


On how he felt after his hand grip broke on rings, resulting in a fall:

“I scared myself a lot. It already happened to me in another competition and it is not good. Fortunately I did not have any injuries and I could redo my exercise from the beginning with the grips my teammate lent me.”

On why he requested an inquiry into his score on rings afterwards:

“The judges got my start value wrong. I had one-tenth less, and in these competitions every tenth more on the final score is very important.”

News Service-GM-SB

LEE Chih Kai (TPE)

On how it felt to compete after missing podium training due to flying from the Asian Games in China (where he won gold on pommel horse):

“Basically after the Asian Games pommel horse final, I got on the podium, did a doping test and flew directly to Belgium. Our team almost missed the flight. The flight schedule was very, very marginal. It was our first such experience but I would say it is a memorable one.”

On how qualification went to today, especially on the pommel horse where he took Olympic silver in Tokyo:

“After competing at the Asian Games and missing the podium training here, the momentum and pace of my training had changed. It was quite challenging, so I made some mistakes today on two apparatus [horizontal bar and vault]. As long as I did my best then I am happy about myself.”

On whether he felt pressure competing on the pommel horse:

“I had quite a lot of pressure before going on the pommel horse because I really want to do my best. After I made it perfectly, I really felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders.”

On how excited he is to be in the pommel horse final:

“I had a chance to watch some of the other performances yesterday. I thought everyone has been improving quite a lot. I definitely feel the pressure from them. It will definitely be a very tough competition. I hope to turn pressure into my power to work harder and to fight in the final.”

On how his life changed after getting married and having a son after the Tokyo Olympics:

“Not much actually. After becoming a husband and a father, I have been telling myself, just do my best in each role I have. At first when I tried to get back out on the competition floor again, I felt a bit sad. I was with my wife and son last year, so it was hard to leave them and go back to train again. I did not do great in the first half of the year in the World Cup series, but afterwards I found a balanced way to make it all work. That's why I am getting better.”

News Service-VC-SB

MAG Subdivision 5


On how these world championships differ from last year’s:

“I think that this year the team does not have so much experience. Lots of gymnasts are new but you can see that they worked a lot to be here. We competed very well and I think that the team is going to be very strong. We did very good routines although the scores were not so high. I think that what everyone did was remarkable. Last year’s team was great but this year’s was even better.”

On whether he feels any pressure to be a team leader because he is the oldest:

“I do not feel any pressure because we are all at the same level. Everyone has a lot of experience on their best apparatus. We are all working all and our goal is to be a cohesive and calm team.”

On what he thinks about the scores his team received:

“Some of the scores were in line with the work we did, but some of them were not so high. These are situations that happen a lot in gymnastics because this sport is very subjective and we have to accept it.”

News Service-GM-SB


On how the team feels having guaranteed Olympic qualification and possibly the team final here:

“It’s incredible, we’ve worked so hard to get here. We had so much fun out there, we saw the results coming in and we knew it was happening. We did the best we could so it feels like we accomplished everything we came here for.”

“I went to the last Olympics by myself, but doing it with the whole team is an entirely different level of happiness and accomplishment.”

On how the teammates cheered themselves on so loudly:

“We knew we had a strong team, and that we could make it, but actually making it meant the world, so that’s why we were cheering so loud. Giving all the extra energy we could to every athlete competing made the difference. “

On the team Canada supporters in the audience:

They were the loudest out there, our parents were there, the whole women’s team was out there, so we had a lot of people cheering for us. That made the whole experience so much more fun.”

News Service-VG-SB

Christian BAUMANN (SUI)

On Switzerland’s team spirit after a successful competition in which they secured Olympic quaification:

“The spirit in the team is really good. We had a very good competition, apart from the pommel horse, which didn’t go too well for us. We are very proud of our performance.”

On whether the team expected to end up in sixth place after five of six subdivisions:

“To be honest, yes. I thought if we perform really well then everything is possible. The goal was to reach the top 12 and now our result may even be good enough for the team final. We just need to wait for the results from the last subdivision. In theory, two of the teams in the next subdivision should be better [than us] but we will see.”

On how the team will celebrate their achievement:

“We haven’t made any plans to celebrate our achievement yet. Maybe we will have a small celebration tonight or after the team final. But now we need to recover.”

News Service-MW-SB


On how he thought his competition went:

“The competition went really well. I went through all the routines cleanly. That’s all I hoped for, and now I just need to cross my fingers for the Olympic qualification. That was my focus.”

On having most likely missed out on a place in the all-around final:

“To have missed the all-around final here doesn’t matter. It means I can eat the Belgium waffles earlier.”

On the long wait before competing on parallel bars:

“My best apparatus was the parallel bars. The one before me took a hell of a lot of time. He fell. I was just standing there, putting on magnesium. I was afraid that I would lose my grip, because I went to the bucket so many times. But it went great.”

News Service-MW-SB

Qualifications 30/09

MAG Subdivision 4


On why they had a rough qualification today and whether they can recover to get back onto the top of the podium:

“We have confidence that we will climb back up just like last year and we will do our very best in order to do it.”

On how they felt that some of their best gymnasts were not here at these championships, but instead competing at the Asian Games in China:

”First of all, we lost some of our morale because we don’t have our very best gymnasts with us this time. We don’t have much room for errors.”

On how he has been helping the new members of the team as a team captain:

“We all want to show our best to the world. But at the same time, it generates pressure on some of the new members of our team, especially Shi Cong and Su Weide. That's why we had some mistakes today. But I think after what they experienced today, I am sure they will feel better in the final.”

On what they will do in training to be better in the final:

“I think we are going to gather around as a team and talk about our thoughts and feelings together. Also to adjust ourselves in a way that we can have a more peaceful condition towards the team final.”

On why the team only had three people to compete on some apparatus instead of four:

“Shi Cong hurt his foot on vault in the first rotation, so after that he competed on parallel bars and horizontal bar, but did not do floor and still rings. Also for me, after competing on parallel bars and horizontal bar, I didn’t think I had enough physical strength for pommel horse so I did not do it. Simply use three up, three to count for the last few rotations. That made us more tired and affected our performance for sure.”

On whether he agrees that the Chinese team treat qualifications as another form of training, as they often do much better in the team final:

“For us, qualification does not count for anything. It is just a process of getting into the final. And this time, for some of the apparatus we just had three people compete. So we lowered our expectations a little bit, so that we have less pressure on ourselves.”

On whether China has less pressure because they already qualified for Paris 2024:

“I don’t think that way. I think we still have quite a lot of pressure. I had been talking with the team, and they still have great hope coming into this world championships, especially for two new members of our team, SHI Cong and SU Weide. They kept telling me that they were super nervous and asked for advice on how to be more relaxed. For them, this is the first time they represented China in such an important competition. They had great pressure just thinking about it. For the older members too, we had pressure because we are representing China internationally. Although we might not come as our best team, we still have to hold the pride of the Chinese Gymnastics team. I am confident that we will come back in the final.”

On whether he thinks China is prioritising the Asian Games over the world championships:

“I would not say that we prioritise the Asian Games. But the fact is, the two competitions are too close to each other, so we could not send the best team to just one of the competitions. So it is the only way that we split the team, try to make two balanced teams to go to both competitions.”

On his impressions of the Japanese team:

“I think they are definitely very strong. I had been battling with them since 2016. From the era of Kohei Uchimura (JPN), to now, they have a really deep team. During every competition, they have been giving us a lot of pressure. China and Japan are always the two best teams with a similar quality of gymnastics. Competitions always come down to which team does better on that day. I think they are very strong.”

News Service-VC-SB


On his own performance in today’s qualification:

“My first four apparatus went really well. I am really happy with them. I had some quite unusual mistakes in the last two though. This is only my second world championships and generally I feel that it went quite well.”

On the atmosphere in the arena:

“The Dutch were cheering each other on quite loudly and their fans were quite loud, too, but the moment you approach the apparatus you don’t notice it anymore.”

On how the team worked together:

“As a team we worked really well together. There was no lone fighter, but instead everyone was supporting everyone, and that was really positive today. That helped us to forget the not so good performances.”

News Service-MW-SB

Thierno DIALLO (ESP)

On how he feels about the competition:

“We started a little nervously on floor, but as a team we unified together and we fought till the end. It was a pleasure competing here.”

On how he gets into the zone before competing:

“I try to visualise myself on the apparatus and try to block out all the noise and the people. I focus on what I have to do to compete the routine the best way.”

On how the crowd helped them:

“The crowd was amazing today, hearing them was motivational and powerful. You could feel them cheering for you”

News Service-GM-SB

Carlos Edriel YULO (PHI)

On how he is feeling about these world championships in comparison to last year's:

“It's really different. Right now I'm kind of disappointed, but I'm grateful that I'm still here standing. What happened to me today wasn't too big of an accident. Mentally I've been confused, these things happen... but I'll get back.”

On what he thinks were his best performances today:

“Maybe the high bar, floor and pommel horse. Before I got here my ankle was swollen, so I really had to do something about it before coming here. Today was my best performance. I still qualified for finals on floor and I want to do my best there.”

On working with a different coach:

“He's not a new coach, he's my old coach from when I was in junior, so it's kind of the same. The coach I had before had more top tier knowledge experience-wise, but I think my coach and I got it.”

On his hopes for the finals:

“I really want a gold medal, but of course I need to have a very good performance first of all.”

News Service-VG-SB

MAG Subdivision 3


On how qualification went today:

“It went really well. On the floor I would have liked to be a little bit better because it was a bit shaky. It was my first event and my favourite and best event. But there is always something I can do better and I was happy with how today went.”

On what was going with his pommel horse score, where he made an inquiry after receiving a surprisingly low score:

“I don’t actually know, but I think they didn’t count one of my skills, which means I did not get enough skills to be counted in a routine. So I inquired about my difficulty value and once I got the skill back it meant the score went up a lot. It was difficult at first when I saw such a low score, but I just put that behind me afterwards.”

On how it feels to participate in his first world championships since 2018:

“I have torn my ACL three times and have been injured a lot, so it was a big mental game for me. I had to work a lot on that. It is exciting to come back and I went to the Paris world cup this year which was also nice. Being back on the world stage is always good because you’ve got the best of the best here. Nice to compare yourself and get some tips, and meet some old friends.”

News Service-VC-SB

Frederick RICHARD (USA)

On how he feels about team USA placing second after three subdivisions:

“It was very exciting, I mean, It’s cool to feel like I am part of the reason we just qualified for the Olympics as a team, which is big! I’m editing history now, which is awesome. I am excited to get out and do it again for the team finals.”

On the team’s goal:

“The goal for today was to get broken in. We did our job, obviously qualifying for the team final, and we showed that we are capable and finished it off strong to make the team final.”

On how he feels about competing at his first world championships:

“It is still crazy to think about. When I was younger, I mean, everybody dreams of being the best in the country or in the world, and competing with the top guys. I’m standing here right now. The dream isn’t a dream anymore. It’s a reality, and getting adjusted to that has been crazy, but I’m happy and excited to be here.”

On how long he has worked for the moment to compete at his first world championships:

“24/7. Everything I do, eat, sleep and breathe is for gymnastics. I have done that my whole life since I was four years old. I am 19 now.”

On whether he feels nervous when he competes:

“I feel nervous, but being with these guys who I am comfortable with, makes it easier. You’ve got to think like it’s just another day at the gym. If you are overthinking ‘it’s worlds, worlds, worlds’ you change what you are doing. I have done the same routine millions of times, so I just have to do it again.”

On his personal goals for the World Championships:

“Podium! Podium on something! I think I’ll most likely qualify for floor and all-around. I’ll have two opportunities at least.”

News Service-MW-SB

MAG Subdivision 2

Vinzenz HOECK (AUT)

On his chances of reaching the still rings final after standing in third place after subdivision 2:

“Because I’m currently still in third position I now have higher hopes to reach the final. That was an important goal for me. There have already been some big names in the first subdivision. That is basically the first wave and to know that I ‘survived’ this in third place makes me feel a little more relaxed. However I will still be on pins for the whole afternoon.”

On his thoughts about his score of 14.600:

“I haven’t got an overview of any of the other competitor’s points, but I scored 14.600 twice in Paris two weeks ago as well, and my routine may even be a little better now. I am definitely happy with my score.”

On a mild shoulder injury:

“I couldn’t compete at the European Championships this year due to an injury to my right shoulder and just before we left for Belgium I felt some pain in my left shoulder. I had to amend the training slightly but it looks like the preparation was still very good!”

On his thoughts on the event, the arena and Antwerp:

“The arena is super cool! The organisation of this event is flawless. There are loads of volunteers, the make-up of the event is amazing, even down to the live stream in the warm-up hall and the spectator animation. Everything is just beautiful and it is really fun to be here. Of course there is the tension prior to the qualification, so I couldn’t embrace the atmosphere fully, but tomorrow will be a ‘tourist day’ for me, as well as supporting my fellow teammates, which I am looking forward to.”

News Service-MW-SB


On how he feels about his performance after qualifications, where he currently sits seventh all-around and in first place on floor after two subdivisions:

“My floor routine was very good and I got 15.100. In the all-around, I would also say it’s good.”

On his goal at these world championships:

“To do my best so I can qualify for the Olympics.”

On how he has been improving over the past year after he failed to get into the floor final at the world championships in Liverpool last year:

“In Liverpool last year I did a new routine and I fell. And after the Championships, we thought about it and changed something. And now it is very good.”

On how it feels to have the whole team with him this year:

“We did not do very well but I think it is a good experiences for us. I am not sure if we can qualify to the final as a team or not, but we did everything that we can do so we’ll see.”

News Service-VC-SB


On whether he feels his vault score of 14.700, currently in second place behind the world champion Artur Davtyan (ARM) is good enough to reach the vault final:

“I’m confident the score is plenty high enough to make the final, and I have no worries in that regard.”

On how he feels about the Ukrainian team performance, where they currently sit in fourth place:

“Not bad for where we’re at, obviously some mistakes were made and we hope that we can qualify to the Olympics even with this kind of performance. Team final remains to be seen.”

News Service-SB


On how he feels about his chances for the floor final, where he currently sits in second place behind Olympic floor champion Artem Dolgopyat (ISR):

“Today wasn’t my best performance, in terms of execution, but I still have more difficulty points to add. For the first time competing in qualifications, it wasn’t bad. But before the apparatus finals, we’ll have the team finals, so we’ll focus on the team then let’s see how it goes for the apparatus finals.

On whether he has had time to go out in Antwerp:

“We had a little walk to Central Station to take photos.”

News Service-SB


On how qualification went today:

“Bad, I did not do good. I did not get all my elements valued as I wished to. I only got 5.3 difficulty, which is obviously not how I wish to end my world championships.”

On coming to Antwerp directly after participating in the Asian Games where he came fourth on pommel horse and thus missed podium training in Antwerp:

“We were really in a rush and I don’t want to experience anything like that again. I am still battling with the time difference and felt tired after a long flight. But it was quite a special experience and we did everything we could.”

On what his plans are for next year:

“I will be going to every world cup to try and grab as many points as possible and fight for a place at the Olympics until the very last second.”

News Service-VC-SB

LIN Guan-Yi (TPE)

On how qualification went today:

“I will give a 75-80 out of 100 for my performance today."

On coming to Antwerp directly after participating in the Asian Games:

“It was my first time experiencing such a tight competition schedule. But I find it quite interesting that I also didn’t feel that much pressure because everything just came so fast. And I am done now. To be honest, not having the chance to attend podium training was a setback. I could have done a little better.”

On withdrawing from the parallel bars and horizontal bar today:

“Still Rings is always my best event and I am confident performing it. So I decided to only focus on that here.”

News Service-VC


On how the qualifications went:

“It went well, I think not very well, but just good. I think we are very proud with the team, an overall score of 245.000 is definitely something we could only dream of a few years ago. We've never had a score like that before so I think it can only be seen positively.”

On performing in front of a Belgian audience:

“It is very nice to do gymnastics in front of our own audience. We were often asked by family and friends when it would be in Belgium so they could come and watch. Normally during the qualifications at other competitions there are only a few people and to perform in front of such a large audience is fantastic.”

On what his highlight was today:

“Vault, definitely! My execution was not always super in the build-up. It hadn't worked out enough at training to say I was confident but fortunately it was very good. I am satisfied with my performance today.”

News Service-IDW-SB

MAG Subdivision 1


On how he feels after his competition today:

“I think we did really good. We’re focusing more on the team this time so I think we could be in the team final. I’m very proud of my teammates. Rings weren’t so good for me individually, I think I’ll miss the finals but that’s okay because the main goal is the team.”

On whether waiting a long time to start parallel bars due to a technical problem affected the team, which had two falls on this apparatus:

“Because I am an experienced gymnast, it wasn’t so bad for me, but still I think it isn’t fair. It wasn’t good for us because we missed two final parallel bars [routines] while we are normally good at it, but that’s gymnastics I guess.”

On whether he was nervous:

“I had so much nerves because last time in Liverpool we did not do so well with the team. But this time we did so much better.”

News Service-IDW-SB

Harry Hepworth (GBR)

On how it felt to compete in his first world championships:

“It’s hard to describe until you actually do something like that. I just kept myself cool and collected and that’s what you’ve got to do at this level.”

On how he handles his nerves on the competition floor:

“I actually love competitions because I can use the nervousness. It gives me extra power and I harness that and use it to my advantage. It worked out, thankfully.

On which finals he has hopes for:

There’s definitely a possibility for floor and vault. But my goal was to just do the best I could for the team. Oh yeah, and the team final hopefully. Forgot about that. The most important one!

News Service-SB

Diogo SOARES and Patrick SAMPAIO (BRA)

On the mood in the team after qualifications:

Diogo: “In general we are really happy about our competition. We cheered each other on a lot. We have worked hard on team building and I think our team connection is now really good. We are very satisfied after the competition, because we gave our best.”

On what they each felt was the best apparatus for the whole team today:

Patrick: “In my opinion it was definitely the high bar because [Arthur] Mariano had 14.333 points.”

Diogo: “I still need to evaluate it, but I think it is the same for me. Brazil has a history of being really good on the high bar, so we feel that we have honoured that tradition.”

On the enquiry Diogo submitted on the horizontal bar:

Diogo: “I was not granted an element worth 0.5 points which we wanted the jury to look at again, because, of course, 0.5 points is a lot. Sadly, our score was not changed after the review.”

On the team’s chances to qualify for the Olympic Games given that they finished the qualification in third place in their subdivision:

Patrick: “We did our best but there are many good teams in this competition. All we can do now is wait.”

News Service-MW-SB

Podium Training 29/09

WAG Subdivision 10

Qiu Qiyuan (CHN)

On how she feels about her world championships debut and her goals:

“Absolutely excited. The goal is of course stepping onto the top of the medal podium. But of course this is my first time, so just being steady will be the key. Learning is the most important lesson for me here.”

On how she has learnt and grown as a senior gymnast after participating in two World Cup series:

“I learnt a lot. Mostly about the whole atmosphere in the arena, the tempo of my routines and my psychological condition. Also how to be confident even if I am competing against foreign gymnasts. I saw many foreign gymnasts being so happy all the time and they seem to have a strong heart.”

On whether becoming national all-around champion this year boosted her confidence:

“Definitely. For now, I have difficult routines on uneven bars and beam. If I can hit, I can get a pretty good score and that’s going to help the team a lot. I really want to get over 15 [points] on those two events.”

News Service-VC-SB

Ou Yushan (CHN)

On being the only team member here that has been to world championships before and what advice she is giving to her teammates:

“I am a team leader this time and I am here for my little sisters. I have been telling them just to focus on themselves. We need to do our best in order to contribute to the team.”

On changing to a new floor routine with a Chinese-style music and choreography:

“It was decided with my coach. We definitely want to showcase more Chinese elements in the routine. I absolutely want to bring this Chinese style into a bigger international stage.”

On whether winning four gold medals in the Universiade Games this year boosted her confidence:

“It definitely enhanced my confidence and has given me such good experience for the coming competitions.”

News Service-VC-SB

ZHANG Qingying (CHN)

On her goal in these championships as a balance beam expert:

“Of course I do think about the result and really want to do well, especially on my speciality - balance beam. I want to become a champion. But for now, it is just step by step, perfecting every move that I have up there and showing the best of myself.”

On how she feels about the arena:

“It is not much different from others I have been in. But it’s definitely cool with the lights. I don’t think I will be affected by it. As soon as I get on the beam, I just focus on it. I was not nervous at all.”

News Service-VC-SB


On how podium training went:

“Pretty well, it was difficult because it was late but I’m prepared for these circumstances. Technically it wasn’t perfect but still okay.”

On the difference between training in France and now in the USA at the same club as Simone Biles with the same French coaches:

“I learned a lot of things since I moved to the USA. I have a good connection with the other girls and the coaches. I feel good in my training and I hope that people will notice it.”

On her approach and plans for these championships:

“In a simple way, I want to enjoy this competition. It will be long and hard so I don’t want to add more pressure. I would like to be on the podium, but the way I’m going to perform is more important than the result.”

On her favourite memory in gymnastics:

“I would say Glasgow [European Championships 2018] because it was a good competition. We were vice European champions with the team and I have great memories of this event.”

News Service-LG-SB

WAG Subdivision 9


On how she has fared injury-wise since the world championships last year:

“For this past year, I’ve had some small injuries, but they are mostly better, about 80%.

On how she is coping with the pressure of Olympic qualification:

“The pressure is mental, I’m not sure of my routines yet. I’m a little bit worried about it, but it’s exciting as well.

News Service-SB

WAG Subdivision 8


On how podium training went:

“It went really well, I hope that we can be as good as today at the qualifications.”

On her foot injury and if she still struggles with it:

“It has gotten so much better, it isn’t hurting anymore. I can compete on all the apparatus again. I’m still working on it just to prevent it from coming back.”

On how she is doing mentally:

“Mentally it was really hard because we lost Zsofia [Kovacs] due to an injury right before we came here, but I think we are really strong mentally. We have a goal, and that is the Olympic Games.”

On her biggest support and if they are coming to watch the championship:

“My coaches, teammates and obviously my parents mean so much to me, they are always there to support me. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it to these championships but I’m sure if I make it to the Olympics they will come to watch.”

News Service-IDW-SB


On the situation in the team today:

“Today has been a bit of a challenge. We had a little scare during our warm-up on the vault. Lea [Quaas] hurt her knees, but we have no further information at the moment.”

On her thoughts about the arena:

“I was able to develop a good feeling for the arena and the apparatus. I am really happy to be here again after exactly ten years. The arena is amazing and I hope that a lot of spectators will make their way here, so that the atmosphere will be electric.”

On the spate of recent injuries to German gymnasts:

“We don’t quite know ourselves why this is, but we are obviously under pressure to achieve the qualification for the Olympic Games. However, we will have to put this to one side now as much as possible, find our focus and concentrate on ourselves. I am sure things will work out if we do that, and that is what we must believe in.”

On the differences between competing at the World Championships in Antwerp ten years ago and today:

“Ten years ago, at my first world championships, it was mainly to experience the atmosphere at such a large scale event. Today I can enjoy this so much more. I am just happy that I am still performing well, so that I can be here again.”

On what she hopes to achieve in Antwerp:

“Firstly, I want to show good routines on all four apparatus, help the team and, of course, I also have my eye on the beam final.”

On how long it takes to tie up her very long hair:

“To put my hair up for a training session takes about three minutes and the style for a competition takes around 12 minutes. It is a fairly quick thing, especially because I am quite experienced now.”

News Service-MW-SB

WAG Subdivision 7

Rose WOO (CAN)

On her ambitions for these championships:

“I’m only doing bars and beam at this competition. It’s been a while since I competed, so I’m really happy and grateful to be here. Podium training went pretty well, there were a few mistakes but overall I’m pretty happy. I just want to go out there, show what I can do, and be strong on beam and bars.”

On the young Canadian team’s objectives during these championships after the team already qualified (in Liverpool 2022) for the 2024 Olympic Games:

“We don’t think too much about the outcome or the results. The best is to think about what you can control. And what we can control is our gymnastics, our body and our mind. That’s what we are focussing on and the outcome is the outcome.”

On the leotard business she created with her sister Vanessa:

“The business is going really well. We started during Covid in 2021. My sister and I have always been so close and we always trained together, so we just wanted to show everyone our sisterhood and our love for gymnastics through our little business.”

On the tattoo on her wrist which is half of Yin and Yang:

“My sister has the second half. We had it done back in 2019.”

News Service-MW-SB

Lynnzee Brown (HAI)

On how it feels to represent Haiti in her first world championships after changing her nationality from USA:

“I'm just very excited and a little nervous. It is a big deal. I have to keep reminding myself that I am just trying to have fun. It is not about all the intenseness, that I am going to win or winning a medal and stuff.”

On how college gymnastics in the USA has helped her:

“I think college helped me a lot. Do less numbers of routines and hit it when it counts. We have so many opportunities to compete. We have to be smart about it.”

On how to balance being an assistant coach of The Pennsylvania State University and doing elite gymnastics:

“It is a little bit hard. But the head coach, Sarah, she is fabulous. She told me that I need to make my dreams come true, we will do it. She is making it a lot easier.”

On why she brings her own camera and has been taking lots of pictures:

“It is a hobby I picked up during the pandemic, photography and videography and it is something that I enjoy. And for myself I want to have the memories captured.”

“We are planning to go explore tomorrow, the ferris wheel, ice-creams, just documenting our day, kind of a vlog. I would like to maybe post them somewhere if I have time.”

News Service-VC-SB

WAG Subdivision 6

Georgia GODWIN (AUS)

On her experience and how this affects her role in the team:

“I feel like I have more to give to the sport and it’s really exciting. I’m able to help Ruby, who is only 15 years old, through her first world championships. I still remember my first worlds, it was a bit daunting, so to be able to help the younger generation is really great.”

On how she came up with the element that is named after her and if she’s going to perform it:

“I just wanted to do something different and the ‘Weiler full’ was actually suggested to me through Instagram, so thank you to whoever suggested that! I will be doing the Godwin on uneven bars at this world championships.”

On her funniest gymnastic moment:

“I’m sure all gymnasts can agree but you always have your favourite embarrassing moments. Mine was probably at Tokyo, where I split the beam. It was good, it made a little squeaky noise that made it even better [laughing out loud].”

News Service-IDW-SB

WAG Subdivision 5


On her podium training at Sportpaleis today:

“It was good, I mean it wasn’t terrible! Podium training is to get to know the apparatus so you can prepare for the competition. I know what it does now! The arena is beautiful. When the public are here it will be even better, so I’m really excited.”

On her return to competition after a 20 months break due to injury:

“It is good to be back, even though it hasn’t been easy, because the time is so short which meant that I had to go a lot faster, but it has been a nice ride.”

On the weeks she spent training in the USA this summer:

“Training in the USA was amazing. Training with a lot of girls at a really high level is very different from what I am used to. It was really motivational. They fill you with energy, too. You see that they are working really hard so you want to work hard, too.”

On the difference to her home gym in Mexicali:

“In my gym I am the only one at elite level, so it’s difficult sometimes. There are a lot of differences between training in Mexico and training in the USA. The biggest one is the equipment they have. The training programme is different too.”

On her colourful hair:

“I get bored with the ordinary. I used to have highlights initially but since I was little I wanted to have blue hair. After Tokyo I said ‘Yay, why not? Let’s do it’ and I now just change colours every time it fades away. I like blue the best.”

On her ambitions for these championships:

“We are looking for our pass to the Olympics as a team which is something we have never done in our country. I think we have a big chance. That’s the main objective. Personally, I would like to make another final on vault.”

News Service-MW-SB


On how she is feeling about having one of the highest difficulty routines on uneven bars at these world championships:

“It’s a bit of pressure because people are certainly expecting that I will make a final and then maybe be on top of the podium, but it is a good pressure because it means that people are supporting me. I’m going to do everything I can to do the best routine.”

On how it feels to have an element named after her in the code of points:

“I am beginning to realise it more now than before, but it is still something crazy.”

On how it feels to finally have her French coach, Marc Chirilcenco, from her club in France, with her on the podium, because she changed her nationality from France to Algeria and he had previously not been allowed to accompany her:

“It’s good news. And I also have my second coach Gina. It’s really great to have them both now.”

News Service-LG-MW-SB

WAG Subdivision 4


On competing as part of the team in Antwerp rather than as an individual gymnast in Liverpool last year:

“These are my second world championships and I am very happy, because this time I’m with a team and the atmosphere is completely different. The coaches and the team are so much more cheerful and happy for each other. It’s nicer. Some of us in the team have been together for five years or so. We are very close and good friends.”

On the team’s ambition in these world championships:

“Our ambition as a team is, of course, to qualify for the Olympic Games, to do a very good round and also have a happy atmosphere in the competition.”

On changes in Romanian gymnastics in the last year:

“The coaches have changed in the last year, the approach to training is a little bit different, and I hope the competition will show the result.”

On her personal hopes for the competition:

“It is most important for me to do a good first round on the qualification day, and after that, we will see. I hope to have as many finals as possible.”

News Service-MW-SB


On how podium training went:

"Overall, it went well. We still have to make some adjustments in who will [compete on] which apparatus. I will take care of vault and bars. There are still some mistakes we need to correct and then we will be ready for the competition.”

On what her role in the team is as one of the older gymnasts in the group:

"I think I can support everyone well. With my experience, I can explain what is ahead of them or what is best to do. I am there for the team, for the girls and I am there for myself and I hope we will have a great competition."

On how losing Nina Derwael and Lisa Vaelen affected the team:

"Of course it is very unfortunate but we have to do without them now. We did have to make some adjustments with a different team. Nina is luckily close and that definitely does us good. We'll do everything we can and we'll see."

On how it feels to perform in Antwerp:

"It's close by so a lot of friends and family will come to watch, which is really nice. It's a plus for me to compete in front of my own audience. I feel extra motivated and it gives me a real energy boost."

News Service-IDW-SB

ANA Perez (ESP)

On how she feels after being out of competition because of injuries:

“I’m happy because, one year ago, I didn't think I would be living this experience and competing. It has been really tough to start training again and get ready for the competition, but I'm enjoying gymnastics so I'm really happy.”

On her serious foot injuries:

“There was an accident in January 2021 and I broke both of my feet. I tried to get ready for Tokyo, but it was impossible. Emotionally, it was really hard so I decided to take a break. After nine months I tried to come back but it was not possible because my left foot was still hurting. I needed another operation to fix it and the doctor told me that I might not do gymnastics again. When I heard the news, I decided to go to college and get a coaching job. But I would rather compete than coach.”

“I never thought about competing at the world championships again because I did not want to set a goal that I might not be able to achieve. I don’t want to retire because of an injury. I don’t want gymnastics to defeat me.”

On her role in the team as the oldest at the age of 25:

“I don’t like to be called the captain, we just need to try and be a unified team. I’m like the mother of the team. I think anyone in the team can contribute something. I can help the new ones with my experience and they can bring a high level of energy.“

New Service-MS-VC-SB

Podium Training 28/09

WAG Subdivision 3


On her goal at this world championships, as team GB has already qualified to Paris 2024:

“I would say just go out there and do our best. It takes off a little bit of pressure because we don’t have to think about that bit. I know that we still have the pressure of competing to our best.”

On whether she has any upgrades on her routines:

“I’ve got a couple of new connections on the beam but I’ve had some time off for injuries so it has just been building back up at the moment.”

On how winning the English Championships this year helped boost her confidence:

“It definitely boosted my confidence a lot, knowing that I am up there.”

On what it was like to go back to her former school for the opening of a sports hall and what message she gave the pupils:

“It's actually so crazy because I obviously went to this school for seven years. Going back and opening the school hall was just amazing. I just said to the students ‘try to be more active and to be more physical’.”

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On how they stay motivated for the team event despite already being qualified for the Olympic Games:

“I think going into each competition we just want to do the best that we can. Also, we are here to put out some new upgrades if possible and maybe, hopefully, get the gold as well.”

On her personal goals for the world championships:

“I’m just hoping to have a clean qualification to make whatever final I can. I have got a couple in mind, but I can’t always guarantee, so I’m not going to share them. I’m just here to put out some new upgrades and enjoy the competition. I have a new, upgraded vault that I want to get out there and show everyone.”

“I am obviously hoping to achieve the gold [on the floor] again. There are a lot of good competitors here but I just want to perform with my heart, and hopefully everyone enjoys it.”

On how her twin sister Jennifer is, who is not in Antwerp due to an injury:

“My sister is well. She is really using this time to focus on herself and hopefully she is going to be ready to be back with me. I think she might be doing some media at home but hopefully she can come [to watch].”

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Naveen DARIES and Caitlin ROOSKRANTZ (RSA)

On qualifying as a team for the first time in the world championships:

Naveen: “I’m pretty excited, I mean, it’s a big thing because it is our first time ever qualifying a team to worlds.”

On the possibility of an uneven bars final for Caitlin:

Caitlin: “I always feel like these things are so far out of my league, but then I do good things. Like at the Commonwealth Games, I didn’t think I could do it but then I did get to the finals. My biggest goal is to do my personal best.”

On black representation in gymnastics:

Caitlin: “Coming from a country like South Africa, we are obviously the rainbow nation, but for me personally, representation has been a big part of my journey. When we were coming up, we wanted to see people like us doing it and that was a big motivating factor for me. As I became a senior, I realised that there were a lot of young girls of colour looking up to us and being inspired. We showed them that it’s actually possible.”

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WAG Subdivision 2

Shilese JONES (USA)

On how her podium training went:

“Podium training went good for a first time on the equipment, just getting out the nerves. Bars started out strong, beam was a little wobbly here and there, floor felt pretty good, and then went over to vault and had a solid double.”

On how training went for the new move she has submitted to be named after her:

“I’m trying to get the triple horizontal turn named after me, but today was a little bit short. To get it first time [in qualifications] would be the goal.”

On how her second World Championships compares with her first in 2022:

“I feel more confident going in. Last time I didn’t really know what to expect. I feel more confident in my skills and just going out there and competing my best.”

On whether she has had to cope with any injuries:

“I had a major shoulder injury at the beginning of the year that took me back a little bit. I had to take a couple of months off, but I feel strong in my training right now and I honestly feel great.”

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On how podium training went for her, given that she was in a small group with only one other gymnast, Lihie Raz (ISR):

“It felt okay to be in a small group during podium training today. I know Lihie really well, so it was nice to be with her.”

On being in the same subdivision as the US team:

“Being with the US team was a big experience and I am a bit star struck, because they are so good. They are big role models for me. Simone Biles is one of my gymnastics heroes, so it is really nice to compete against her and also train with her.”

On her aspirations for the world championships, especially in her best apparatus, the vault:

“Vault is definitely my best event. I’m hoping to do two good vaults here and I hope for some good landings, and maybe that’s enough for the finals. We will see.”

On managing the demands of being a student and also a gymnast on a day to day basis:

“Being a student and a gymnast is not always that easy, but I think it’s okay. I’m going to school for six hours per day and then I’m going to training for three or four hours.”

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LIAO Yi-Chun (TPE)

On being the only member of the Chinese Taipei team to attend podium training:

“My other teammates are still in China to compete in the Asian Games and they will be here later. I am the only one here so I felt a little bit lonely. But I am still happy about my performance today. I just hope the “sisters” come as soon as possible so that we can train together.“

On her goal at this year World Championships:

“I want to just hit every routine and hopefully get an all-around score over 50.”

On Li Ya (former Chinese gymnast who has two moves named after her on uneven bars) being her coach:

“She definitely helps us a lot. After she came, I started to focus more on the basic skills and physical ability. Once you master those, you can build up the difficulties.”

“I thought it was so cool to have such a good coach and I am amazed by her moves that are named after her. I have been learning the Li Ya dismount but it’s not quite ready to perform yet. I will definitely work harder.”

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On her first World Championships:

“I couldn’t have imagined how this year would have turned out. I’m really grateful for everything that’s happened and I’m super excited for the next two days.”

On how she remembers the moment she was told that she made the team:

“It’s my favourite moment ever. I was so nervous, I was freaking out and sweating. But [coach] Alicia finally named me to the team as the last one. When I walked up there, I got so happy, I ran and hugged Simone because she was already up there in the little line.”

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Leanne Wong (USA)

On her being in her best shape now, as a college gymnast:

”This is my third World Championships now. After the first, I went to college and completed my freshman year. Then I went back to elite and went to 2022 worlds. And then, back to college again before competing here at my third worlds. So I think competing over and over at college has been really beneficial. I'm just having a lot of fun competing out there.”

On how she started her bows business and how it went since then:

“I first began my bow business in 2021 after worlds, after I won 2 world medals. Since then, I have sold over ten thousand bows. I am really excited about how it went.”

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WAG Subdivision 1


On how many world championships she has competed in during her long career (she is now 36 years old):

“I don’t know exactly, but this year is the 20th anniversary of my senior career. My first world championships were in 2003. I’ve been to two Olympics, and [counting on her fingers] more than ten world championships.”

On how she juggles training with being a mother of two:

“It’s not easy, especially when you want to do all-around. For one or two apparatus, it’s not too bad, you can keep your time at training to about two hours per day, three hours sometimes. When you have a husband who helps with the kids and he’s a really good dad, it’s not a problem because we manage our responsibilities equally for both parents.”

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On how podium training went for her:

“Podium training went okay. Vault was good and bars were okay. They could have gone a bit better, but I am happy.”

On the support from her mother who encouraged her into gymnastics as a child:

“I came into gymnastics through my mum. She is coming here [to Antwerp] on Sunday.”

On her priority to heal her current injuries rather than focus on the 2024 Olympic Games:

“I haven’t given the Olympic Games much thought. I am only doing two events here. Paris would be my second Olympics but, before anything, I want to completely heal my body. I have a shoulder injury and my feet need to be 100%. I ruptured my Achilles tendon in 2021, so it’s been two years, but it is pretty much healed.”

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On her podium training today:

“I am satisfied, but not about the beam. I made a mistake in my routine, and I wasn’t so happy about it.”

On her aspirations of qualifying for the 2024 Olympic Games:

“First of all, we have to have a good competition here and qualify for Paris, and then we can properly start with the preparation for the Olympics.”

On how she feels about competing without her twin sister Asia:

“In the past year I have had to get used to being alone, without her, but I know she is at home supporting us, so everything is okay. She is not coming here.”

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On how podium training went:

“It was tough, but it’s alright, it feels good to be back. It has been ten years since I was here in Antwerp. The atmosphere is really different from then so I like it.”

On her comeback:

“I took a little bit more than one year off and then I sort of started training again just for fun. Soon I realised that maybe I still did have some ambitions, namely the Olympics in Paris, and just to be able to compete again at the highest level, so I made the decision to come back.”

On whether she will do an uneven bars routine:

“It’s not really finished for this competition yet, so it is not ready for the team. I’m trying to get some new skills in my routine, but it is a very physical apparatus, so that took me a little bit longer than I had expected.”

On how the team are getting along with each other:

“We respect each other and everyone is doing their jobs and enjoying the gymnastics again, so that’s always the first thing that you want to feel in the team. We’re all enjoying what we're doing, and we live for the sport, so that’s really nice.”

On how she sees her gymnastics career after the Olympics:

“I keep saying that Paris will be the end, but I am not sure. I just enjoy the sport so much so it’s hard to say goodbye.”

On how she doesn't get dizzy doing her pirouettes on the beam:

“I spot the beam very often during my exercise so I don't really get dizzy.”

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WONG Hiu Ying Angel (HKG)

On coming to Antwerp directly after participating in the Asian Games:

“This is the first time that I have experienced such a situation where two important competitions are overlapping each other. I felt a little bit ashamed that it happens like this for Asian gymnasts. My preparation was not that good because of it and it definitely added a lot of extra pressure by doing it.”

On why she is still competing at the age of 36 and is one of the oldest women gymnasts in Antwerp:

“Aging is a natural process for everyone. I just want to show that female gymnasts like us, who have more experiences, are still able to do great things. It is limited because I had a very serious injury and doctors said I could not never do gymnastics again, but at least I can still qualify for worlds.”

“Marta PIHAN-KULESZA (POL) is the same age as me. She is here too. She is so great. I think we are both here to prove that it is not impossible. I think we have some similarities, that we love gymnastics so much that we keep doing it.”

“Also when I was younger, all I cared about was the results and how I performed. But now, I am just enjoying the whole process. I think the most important thing is to enjoy the process.”

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MAG Subdivision 6


On the team’s motivation to improve on their fourth place at last year’s world championships:

“This world championships is totally different from the others because of the qualifications for the Olympic Games. But we are young and we make a very strong team. We had a lot of struggles because of injuries, but today we proved at podium training that we are ready for it.”

On their confidence of reaching the medal podium this year:

“Today, we don’t think about the podium, for now we think about getting qualified for the Olympics. After qualifications, if we have a good competition, then we will look for an individual final or team final and maybe a medal.”

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Krisztofer MESZAROS (HUN)

On competing at the world championships after a very good season:

“I am very happy that I made it to these world championships and I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve here. I will definitely aim to do my best routines on all six apparatus.”

On how he feels the Hungarian Team are performing:

“The team is performing well now. Every individual gymnast is good but I don’t know what we will be able to achieve together. We will see.”

On what it would mean to him if he qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games:

“If I was able to compete at the Olympic Games next year, and maybe even win an all-around medal, I would be the first Hungarian man [since 1932] to achieve that. That would be amazing and, of course, it is my aim, but we will have to wait to see if that is possible. I am still young after all [22 years].”

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On his impressions about the arena and the atmosphere:

"I have no words. The atmosphere is crazy, it's super nice to be here and to be able to perform in this kind of arena, one of the best I've ever tried."

On how it feels to be back at the world championships for the first time since 2015:

"It's hard to put into words because it's been eight years since my last world championships. I had so many injuries, so many things that happened to me, so to be able to be on this stage is the best thing."

On how he feels podium training went:

"Today was not our best day but that's okay, it was a good preparation."

On his personal ambitions for this competition:

"To perform the six apparatus in the best way I can, to help the team and hopefully I can reach the all around final."

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MAG Subdivision 5


On his goals for these championships:

“For this event we’re really focusing on the team final. I will be on five events, everything but pommel horse. The goal is to qualify for the Olympics, so that’s why we’re doing everything in order to get the goal. The focus is 100% on the team.”

On whether the Canadian women’s team winning bronze and qualifying to the Olympics last year adds motivation:

“The girls did an awesome job last year, so obviously we want to be part of the Olympics with them. It kind of pushes us to be even better this year.”

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Christian BAUMANN (SUI)

On the team’s chances to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games, having placed 20th in Liverpool last year:

“It’s always hard to tell, but if we as a team are able to show a good competition, then anything is possible. We will definitely do our best this weekend and find out on Sunday whether that was enough.”

On how podium training went for him personally:

“Not everything went perfectly during podium training for me today, but I am quite confident on every apparatus. It was good to get a feel for the arena and the apparatuses. It is a lovely arena, very large. I really enjoyed the training today.”

On having taken part in the FIG World Championships in Antwerp years ago and the differences he noticed:

“To be very honest, I don’t remember much from that time, but for definite it was not as big an event as it is this time. I only have very positive memories of the event 10 years ago. They were my first World Championships and it is wonderful for me to compete again in the same arena 10 years later.”

On playing the guitar as a hobby:

“I like playing the acoustic guitar but I would not be good enough to play you a song right now. That’s why the guitar stayed at home.”

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On his goal for these World Championships:

“Go out there to have fun and stay calm and do the best I can.”

On what is it like to represent Bulgaria in this world championships after he switched nationality from USA this year:

“I definitely like it. It is a new experience for me. My parents competed for Bulgaria and also my brother. And I feel like it is now time for me to represent team Bulgaria, my country.”

On his gymnastics family and how they have helped him along the way:

“My brother [Eddie Penev] is always by my side and he is always in the gym motivating and supporting me. He is like a mentor. He has tons of experience so I have learnt a lot from him. I look up to him, he is such a great role model.”

“My parents, too, competed for Bulgaria in international competitions when they were younger. So I definitely learned a lot from them also. They are gym owners where I train. They help me out in the gym.”

On whether his family will be here to support him in Antwerp:

“Yes, they are not here right now but they will be coming to watch me, my whole family, my parents, grandparents and aunt.”

On the difference between competing for teams USA and Bulgaria, and what he brings to the Bulgarian team:

“I feel like I have a good work ethic in the gym. I definitely help the boys in the gym, we work hard and support each other. This is something that I learned while I was in the US national team, to always work hard and support each other.”

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Podium Training 27/09

MAG Subdivision 4

Carlos Edriel YULO (PHI)

On his battle to overcome disappointment from last year's World Championships where he fell in the all-around final and lost a medal chance:

"I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing today. I'm still battling with myself. How to provide a good performance, and really do it well this time."

On choosing to attend these World Championships instead of the Asian Games:

"I chose this because it's for the Olympics. I really wanted to go there [Asian Games] and compete for my country, but it wasn't a hard decision to make. For me this is more important."

On his hopes for the all-around competition:

"I really hope I can get to the final and qualify for the Olympics so that I can reach my dream in the Olympics. I do really want to get better, since my performance last time was very low. It was kind of heavy for me."

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On how it feels to be competing again after taking up coaching earlier this year:

"I've been back to gymnastics for a while now, things are back to normal and it's always nice to do gymnastics in such a beautiful arena. I am also satisfied with the podium training, which went great.”

On his goals for these championships:

“I have no individual goals for the World Championships. With the team, of course, we hope to make the top 12 for the Olympics."

About his role in the team:

"I still take a coaching role on the team, as I have been a coach, but we all coach each other very much. We are very strong as a team - one team, one goal."

On how his preparations went for the World Championships:

"The run-up to the World Championships went very steadily, no injuries, little aches and pains with everyone but overall very smooth."

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On how the podium training went for him personally:

“Generally, podium training went well today. There were some good and some not so good moments but for me personally it went quite well. I was a bit tired when I got to the rings dismount, but that shows that podium training is more tiring than the competition itself.”

On the goal for the German team:

“The clear goal for the team is to secure the tickets for the 2024 Olympic Games. We need to get into the top 12 and that is our main priority. Apart from that I will try to do my very best at each apparatus, which will help the team the most, and I still maintain the chances to achieve the odd final for myself.”

On why Andreas Toba stopped training after the floor rotation:

“Andreas hurt his knee after a double twist on the floor. Sadly he was unable to continue the training today but the medical team will now assess the situation and decide on any further action. He isn’t currently in too much pain, so we hope that it is not anything too serious.”

On the team dynamics now that a few younger gymnasts have joined:

“The dynamic in the team is very good. I think we have the perfect mixture. Andy and I are the ‘older’ ones, Nils is in the middle, and the two younger ones are keeping us on our toes. That is great for our team spirit. We haven’t had this positive atmosphere in the team for a long time. We have a lot of fun together and support each other well. I think that was very obvious today. We were the loudest team in the arena by a mile!”

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LIU Yang (CHN)

On his signature head-movement on the rings:

“It is a sign of showcasing my confidence. I used to have some rough days during my early career, I was being questioned about my abilities. It is more than a movement, but an attitude. Also to remind myself to stay confident.”

On being 4th on rings ten years ago at the Antwerp world championships and how he has changed as a gymnast and person:

“Ten years ago, I was a very young and ambitious person. Now, I am a bit older with more experience. Most importantly, it feels more enjoyable for me to represent China in every chance I get.”

On why he keeps doing gymnastics at the age of 29 after winning gold in the Tokyo Olympics:

“I have been thinking about this question frequently. I have been doing gymnastics for the past 24 years. I love gymnastics so much and I think I would really miss it if I decided to retire. I will do it until the day I can no longer do it. So age is not a consideration.”

“There are so many athletes in China still keeping in good shape even in their thirties, who still get good results. They motivate me to keep going.”

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MAG Subdivision 3


On coming into this competition as the only Swedish all-round competitor and his goal:

“Just to survive. If I can get into any of the finals, I will buy one hundred lottery tickets. I mean [my goal is] just a clean performance of my ability.”

On his senior world championships debut and how it is different from other competitions:

“There are a lot of people here. I used to see them on TV but now I am competing against them. I think there are a lot of good competitors here of different ages. Overall it is a good experience and I am excited to be competing alongside the best in the world.”

On how it feels to have his father with him here as his coach:

“It is a different experience compared to other gymnasts. But it makes it possible to talk about the problems I had at home. But overall I think our relationship helps us in a good way.”

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Tyson BULL (AUS)

On how podium training went compared to last year in Liverpool where he had a scary fall from the high bar:

“Podium training was much better than in Liverpool. I had a few demons that I needed to get out of my head. I got all my skills and connections done which is my main priority. I feel confident for Saturday.”

On how podium training went for the Australian team:

“Everyone in the team did quite well today. A few mistakes here and there, but that is what podium training is for.”

On his personal goal for the competition:

“My goal is to get into that Olympic quota, to make it into that final [horizontal bar] and then aim for that podium essentially, and the rest will take care of itself.”

On the team’s goal for the competition:

“We haven’t come here for the [Olympic] team qualifications. The top 12 is out of our capabilities and our strengths lie with our specialists at the moment. We want to try and qualify as many guys as we can.”

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Asher HONG (USA)

On how podium training went:

“The training went pretty good, it was a little fast but that’s to be expected. This summer, I had a little bit more experience going into it so it felt less rushed.”

On how the team works together:

“The team dynamic is great, we’re getting along really well. We hang out a lot more at camps, so it’s very cohesive and we’re working together well.”

About missing Brody Malone, 2022 world champion on high bar, from the team due to injury:

“It does affect the whole team, we lost a big all-around guy and another great high bar score from him. But we’re going to work with whatever we have and I think we can hit our goal without Brody, but Brody would have been a great asset to us.”

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MAG Subdivision 2

Eleftherios PETROUNIAS (GRE)

On how the rings specialist feels after podium training:

"I did very good work, I'm happy with it and I'm looking forward."

On family life with his wife, former gymnast Vasiliki Millousi, and their two young daughters:

They are growing, the girls, I'm in love with them. We are working a lot with Vasiliki. She is running for deputy governor of sport. We are opening a second club, we are all day long with the kids, we have them with us everywhere. It's a busy, crazy life but I love it."

On whether his family will be in Antwerp to watch him compete:

They have booked for the final, I hope I am going to be in it. I'll do my best because otherwise it will be a wasted trip."

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KAYA Kazuma (JPN)

On how the podium training went for the team:

“It was a good training for our six gymnasts. Everything is okay.”

On what the Japanese team are hoping to achieve:

“We want to win the gold medal in the team final. The Japanese team won the gold medal in Glasgow in 2015 and we want to do it again this year.”

On his personal goals for the Worlds Championships:

“I want to try the all-around final and the pommel horse final.”

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On how it feels to return to the world championships after a break of four years:

“It feels like the first time all over again. Of course I’m excited. The priority is qualifying the team to the Olympics. The rest remains to be seen, but I will be doing all-around qualifications.”

On how the military situation in Ukraine has affected his training:

“Many problems initially. There were about five or six months that I couldn’t properly train because of the situation. It’s getting better, we’re getting back on track. It used to be that we had three to five incoming threat alerts daily - when rockets fly to Ukraine - and each time we’d have to go down to the basement and wait it out. We would have to stop for one hour, then go back.”

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TSENG Wei-Sheng (TPE)

On how podium training went:

“At first, I thought it was so dark compared to the other competitions that I went to. It is quite a challenge for me to get used to it. But I think I can manage it.”

On getting hurt at the Mersin Challenge Cup earlier this month:

“I hurt my ankle during the competition and it has been getting better recently. I don’t think it will affect my performance here. I am confident in myself.”

On his target at these world championships:

“My target is to get into the vault final, and I am confident I can do that by sticking my two vaults.”

On whether getting silver on vault at the Universiade Games this year helped boost his confidence:

“I would say it definitely boosted my confidence a lot. I have been getting more and more smooth in training because of it. And now I won’t be that nervous anymore, which has been affecting my performance in the past.”

News Service-VC-SB

Glen and Nicola CUYLE (BEL)

On competing together as identical twins at their first senior world championships:

Nicola: “It's nice to be here, the venue is really beautiful. It's nice to have the world championships in our own country, that will definitely create an atmosphere.”

Glen: “At the moment we don't have so much stress but that will be different on Saturday when the crowd is mostly Belgians.”

On whether their gymnastics is identical:

Nicola: “Our favorite apparatus is different. Glen does not do pommel horse while I like to do it.”

Glen: “Nicola's best apparatus is rings and I also think rings is a cool apparatus”.

On how to tell the difference between them:

Nicola: “We are hard to differentiate from each other, there is only a difference in our hairstyle. Mine is on one side and Glen's is more along both sides.”

News Service-IDW-SB

SHEK Wai Hung (HKG)

On his decision to participate in these World Championships instead of defending his two-time vault title at the Asian Games, which are taking place at the same time:

“It was a very tough decision because a lot of people were expecting me to try and get a third consecutive Asian Games vault title. But unfortunately the two competitions were head to head and I had to choose one. I choose to come here because it is an Olympic qualifier.”

On winning two vault medals at World Cup Series this year:

“It helped me a lot. I had a really tough year last year and I had several injuries. I have gone through a lot and I am always happy to stand on the podium.”

On being one of the only few gymnasts from Hong Kong to compete on the world stage:

“We might not gain a lot of attention because we come from a relatively small city, Hong Kong. But I just want to do my best to show the world that we are capable of more than that.”

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MAG Subdivision 1


On how podium training went:

“We are the first subdivision, I think we did well, not perfect, but we have two days to prepare ourselves as a team and go to our goal to qualify for the Olympics. We have more to do, more to work.”

On the mix of experienced and younger gymnasts on the team:

“One of our best gymnasts, Caio Souza, has an injury, and we have new gymnasts here to get more experience, but we have also experienced gymnasts like me and Zanetti.”

News Service-SB


On how podium training went:

“It wasn’t so good, but it is like a test before competition, that’s why it is called podium training, it is to get used to the apparatus. I am definitely sure we will be much better in the competition.”

On whether being European all-around champion means he is targeting the all-around at these World Championships:

“Actually my main goal now is to qualify for the Olympics as a team. I don’t know how I am doing in the all-around or rings final, I am not thinking about it right now. Our main goal now is to qualify for the Olympics as a team.”

On the team wearing a “Paris 2024 T-shirt” and who had the idea of getting it:

“Ferhat Arican (TUR), our team captain, brought this idea. We all agreed to make it because we have worked so hard for this as a team.”

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On how podium training went:

“The training went very good actually. The team looks good, overall we are quite pleased. We have a couple of days now to rest and recover and learn from what we’ve done in there.”

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On how it feels to have an element that he performed at the recent Paris World Cup (three and a half twisting double layout) named after him on floor:

“It’s only just started to set in that I’m the first person to compete that move. After the competition I was watching the videos that were online and it feels weird, honestly. I never thought I’d get to this point in my career where I would have a skill in the Code of Points. It is still kind of unthinkable. It’s taken five years to develop and I’m really chuffed.”

On whether we will see his new element, the Jarman, in Antwerp:

“I’m not sure about this competition.”

On his goals in the sport:

”My aim in gymnastics is definitely to push my own boundaries within my limits. I’m not trying to be silly and hurt myself but as long as I’m within reason and I’m capable of doing that skill, I will.”

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