Accreditation day

Sunday September 24th, is accreditation day for all volunteers between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Address sportpaleis:
Schijnpoortweg 119
2170 Antwerpen

Accreditation: what and why?

This is your proof that you will have access to one or more zones of the World Championship site(s).
Keep this accreditation with you at all times because you will not get access without it.
The accreditation pass is personal and includes a photo. It will be checked each time you enter a 'new' zone.

Where do you register?

All volunteers must register at the volunteers reception desk.
At the back of the Sportpaleis there is a blue revolving door that leads to the volunteers reception desk.
Below you can find an image of how to find the back of the Sportpaleis.

Registration process:

  • Issuing your signed volunteer agreement.

You will receive:

  • Personal accreditation
  • Clothing package
  • Drinking bottle

If you have any further questions, you can also ask them there.


If you wish to bring accreditation or packages for other volunteers it is only possible if you can also provide a signed agreement from those persons.

Volunteer agreement

In the run-up to the World Championship, each volunteer will receive a volunteer agreement by email. You must sign this and return it to Gymfed.

You must hand in the signed agreement at your first check-in as a volunteer.
Please print the agreement, sign it and return 1 copy to us. Keep 1 copy for yourself.
You can submit it either on the accreditation day, Sunday September 24th, or on your first working day.

Each volunteer must have provided a signed agreement before the start of the first shift.

Volunteers desk

At the back of the Sportpaleis there is a blue revolving door that leads to the volunteers reception desk.

Opening hours volunteers desk:
25/09: 8:00 AM - 23:00 PM
26/09: 7:30 AM - 22:00 PM
27/09: 7:30 AM - 21:00 PM
28/09: 7:30 AM - 21:30 PM
29/09: 7:30 AM - 22:00 PM
30/09: 7:30 AM - 21:00 PM
01/10: 7:30 AM - 21:30 PM
2/10: 8:00 AM - 22:00 PM
3/10: 8:00 AM - 22:00 PM
4/10: 8:30 AM - 22:00 PM
5/10: 9:00 AM - 22:00 PM
6/10: 8:30 AM - 23:00 PM
7/10:- 8:00 AM - 19:00 PM
8/10: 10:00 AM - 19:00 PM


Between the different sites

Is your volunteer work in the Expo?

Then use the shuttle service line 9 with your accreditation. This is a shuttle service from the organization.
This shuttle runs between the Sportpaleis and the Expo.

There are no time schedules for the shuttle, but you can follow live where the shuttle is located via the QR code below.

Attention: the QR code needs login and pasword, you have received these info via e-mail.

Between your hostel and Sportpaleis

This is the easiest way to get around as a volunteer.
There are 3 bicycle parking lots at the Sportpaleis where you can park your bicycle.

Metro—tram—and bus stops nearby

To use the bus or tram, you must have a valid ticket before boarding to avoid any fines.
Volunteers who are not staying in the youth hostel must purchase their own ticket.

Hoe gebruik ik een vervoerbewijs op kaart? – Vragen & Contact – De Lijn

Several bus, tram and metro lines stop close to the Sportpaleis.

Metro stop Sport:

  • Line 2 (from Hoboken to P+R Merksem and vice versa)
  • Line 3 (from P+R Melsele to P+R Merksem and vice versa)
  • Line 6 (from P+R Olympiade to P+R Luchtbal and vice versa)

Metro stop Schijnpoort:

  • Line 5 (from Wijnegem to P+R Linkeroever and vice versa)

Bus stop Sportpaleis:

  • Line 19 (from Deurne Zuid to Sportpaleis and vice versa)

Bus stop Schijnpoort:

  • Line 23 (from Central Station to Noorderplaats and vice versa)

Use De Lijn's route planner to find out the best route to the Sportpaleis.


Are you coming by car? Unfortunately, it will not be possible to park at the Sportpaleis.
We recommend parking in Park and Ride car parks around Antwerp. You can find all the parking options here.

It is easier to park around Antwerp Expo, all parking options around Antwerp Expo can be found here.
Address Expo: Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerpen


On the day of accreditation you will receive your clothing package according to the specified sizes. You can choose your own shoes.
Don't forget to put on your clothes on the days you are active during the World Championship.
This way you will be easy to recognize as a volunteer and contact person for visitors, delegations and others.
The package you receive depends on the number of days you were allocated to volunteer.

Gymfed employees also have a clothing package, but in different colors.
This way you will also be able to recognize them quickly in case you want to ask them something.

You can use lockers on site for your personal belongings. Please note that the lockers are 27cm x 30cm x 45cm. The lockers work with keys.
A €10 deposit must be paid to use the lockers. To ensure a smooth distribution of the lockers, we ask you to provide this amount in exact change.
When you return the key, you will receive this €10 back.

Save the date!
On October 7th at 7pm you will be expected on the competition floor in your volunteer outfit for a group photo.


Drinks & refreshments

Water, coffee, tea and other drinks are available throughout the day. These are available in various rooms as well as in the volunteer room itself.
Sweets, snacks and fruit will also be available.

Drinking bottle

When you first register you will receive a World Championship drinking bottle.
Don't forget to take this with you during the event days as you will need it to drink water, even during your lunch/dinner in the catering tent.

Provided meals

Every day that you have a shift, food is provided for you on-site twice (both lunch and dinner).
Always agree in advance with your manager and fellow volunteers when you can take a break to eat.
Everyone has the opportunity to have lunch and/or dinner. At some posts this will happen on a rotating basis.

There will be a choice between cold and hot meals in both the afternoon and evening. T
here is also soup available at both times. A healthy dessert is also provided.

  • For lunch you can go to the catering tent at the back of the Sportpaleis, between 11:30am and 2:30 pm.
    Volunteers in the Expo will get lunch on site in the catering area.
  • Dinner is provided between 5:00pm and 8:30pm, also in the catering tent.
    Volunteers in the Expo will get diner on site in the catering area.

Farewell party

Anyone who volunteers for 5 days or more during this World Championship, will have the opportunity to attend the closing banquet (farewell party).
This will take place on Sunday, October 8th, from 8:00pm till 1:00am in the Anwerp Expo Hall.

Dress code: Olympic colours

You can register for the banquet via the link or QR code below until Wednesday, September 27th.

Form - attendance farewell party


If the organization gave you the option to sleep in Antwerp, then you will be staying at the Pulcinella Youth Hostel.


Pulcinella Youth Hostel
Bogaardeplein 1
2000 Antwerp

Check-in en check-out

  • Check-in: between 3:00pm and 10:00pm.
  • Check out: before 10:00am (weekend 10:30am).


  • Allocation of the rooms is done by the organization.
  • Rooms are shared with several people
  • Use of lockers in the rooms is free. You need a €1 coin to close it.
  • The room doors work with a unique key card.
  • You must provide your own towels.

General info

  • Reception opening hours: 7:00am till 10:00pm. Afterward 10:00pm there is security.
  • Free storage space is provided for your luggage.
  • Free WIFI
  • In the bar you can enjoy a drink, some music and games.
  • In the lounge there is a TV.


  • For breakfast you can go to the hostel dining room. A healthy and balanced breakfast is offered.
  • Breakfast is served between 7:30am and 9:30am (on weekends between 8:00am and 10:30am).

Transport between the youth hostel and your work site

Public transport

  • Youth hostel → Sportpaleis

  • Sportpaleis → Youth hostel

For the return journey, it is the same lines, only in the opposite direction (and therefore also the destination).


  • Per overnight stay you will receive 2 free public transport rides
  • For the use of the metro/bus/tram there and back
  • Between the youth hostel (Groenplaats Metro stop) and the Sportpaleis (Sport Metro or Schijnpoort Metro stop).
  • You will receive these tickets when you collect your accreditation.

WIf you want to use public transport for extra rides you will have to purchase the tickets yourself.

Transport timetable

  • Trams run regularly to and from the youth hostel stop.
  • If you have a late or very early shift you can ride with the organization's minivans. To arrange this, go to the transport desk in the Lotto Arena. They will arrange a ride to the hostel for you


Scan the QR code 'Volunteers World Championships' to be added to the WhatsApp community.
You will receive general communication through this group.

Your space

A special volunteers room will also be set up for you. You can come here to relax or chat with other volunteers.

Snacks & drank

Snacks and drinks will be available. Water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, cookies and fruit.

Photo booth

There is a photo booth with nice accessories in the volunteer corner, where you can take photos with your fellow volunteers with your own smartphone or camera.

Board games

There are various board games available that you can use freely. Jungle speed, scrabble, Jenga,...
The intention is that you have a nice time together between your working hours.
This will be a unique experience for you and for us. Together we will have a wonderful time.

Fan Expierence

Step into a world of excitement, energy, and gymnastic marvels at our vibrant Fanzone. Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique blend of sports, entertainment and challenge, as we celebrate the spirit of gymnastics like never before.

Competition Schedule

Between 30 September - 8 October 2023, the Sportpaleis in Antwerp will be the place to be for all gymnastics fans for the biggest gymnastics competition of the year, the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. The world's best gymnasts will compete against each other for the world titles.

The schedule of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships includes 9 days of competition, kicking off with the qualifiers for all gymnasts. During the qualifications, the gymnasts and teams can select themselves for the finals:

  • Team final men and women - best 8 countries
  • All-Around final men and women - best 24 gymnasts
  • Apparatus finals - best 8 gymnasts per apparatus

Contact person

Verbeeck Eline

Eline Verbeeck is the contact person for the volunteers.
During the event you can find her at the volunteer desk for any questions!

E-mail: elineverbeeck [at] (elineverbeeck[at]gymfed[dot]be)

Mobile: +32 470 70 28 14

Cool Ellen

Ellen Cool is your first point of contact if you have questions, complaints, experiences or suspicions of a violation of integrity.
Violation of integrity can be very divergent.
This is about psychological, moral, sexual or physical behavior that exceeds your limits or the limits of another person.

What can you contact her for?

  • First point of contact for integrity
  • Advice
  • Referral

Afbeelding met Menselijk gezicht, glimlach, persoon, kleding

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
E-mail: safegaurding [at] (safegaurding[at]antwerpgymnastics2023[dot]be)

Mobile: +32 477 54 50 72