350 enthusiastic volunteers

With just over 350 volunteers, we started the 52nd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships at the end of September. Divided over more than 7 committees such as logistics, security, marketing, catering... our volunteers worked hard every day.

Wrapping up the last day of finals with the most amazing volunteers. We asked our volunteers "what was your experience here"?

  • Meeting new people, new friends.
  • Meeting other people, meeting the athletes.
  • The people and being part of the world championships.
  • The team and also the city because it is a very beautiful city.
  • The atmosphere between the volunteers.

THIS TEAM. - The Spanish volunteer Macarena who was part of the MARCOM team

  • To be at the field of play with al the amazing gymnasts

  • Oh, these two amazing girls!

  • Meeting new people from all over the world here.

  • We’ve become friends and maybe we will see each other in other events.

  • Being really a part of the action, meeting lots of people from all around the world and seeing Marine because we always volunteer together.

  • Sharing this experience with my sister.

  • Making friendships, the audience, the gymnasts.

  • Being in the editorial team.

  • I don't think I am going to forget any of it. (auuhhh!)

We are so thankful for all the volunteers!

_ Watch the video with our volunteers here.