Apparatus finals day 2

Five more titles were up for grabs today, and anything could happen!

Men’s vault

The one to watch was the reigning world champion, Artur Davtyan of Armenia. He is known for great execution and stuck landings. In his first vault he got 0.3 deduction and scored 14.549 points in total. Joining him in this final were two Ukrainians, including the experienced 30-year-old Igor Radivilov. He got 14.750 which was just not enough for podium. There were also two gymnasts each from the USA and Great Britain as well as one from Bulgaria. Of these, Jake Jarman (GBR) did the best job scoring a massive 15.050 claiming the first gold medal of the day!

  1. 🥇JARMAN Jarman (GBR) - 15.050 points

  2. 🥈 YOUNG Khoi (USA) - 14.849 points

  3. 🥉 CHEPURNYI Nazar (UKR) - 14.766 points

Women’s balance beam

This was be a battle between the dynamic Simone Biles (USA), the precise Chinese gymnasts Zhou Yaqin and Zhang Qingying, and the elegant German, Pauline Schaefer-Betz. Such contrasting styles gave this final an interesting twist. Because of the withdraw of World champion 2022 Jessica Gadirova (GBR), Olympic champion 2016 Sanne Wevers (NED) could fill in and shine once more in Antwerp. She enjoyed the moment en scored 14.100 points. But in the end the goat scored the highest points, 14.800 for Simone Biles (USA).

  1. 🥇BILES Simone (USA) -14.800 points

  2. 🥈 ZHOU Yaqin (CHN) - 14.700 points

  3. 🥉 ANDRADE Rebeca (BRA) - 14.300 points

Men’s parallel bars

The standout names in this final were Lukas Dauser of Germany and Illia Kovtun of Ukraine, both of whom have won multiple medals on this apparatus in the past. Dauser was the current world silver medallist and Kovtun was inspired by capturing the all-around silver medal three nights ago. They both did very well but Luka Dauser got the highest score of all and is the new World champion on the parallel bars! Third men on the podium was Sugimoto Kaito (JPN) with his routine.

  1. 🥇DAUSER Lukas (GER) - 15.400 points

  2. 🥈 SHI Cong (CHN) - 15.066 points

  3. 🥉 SUGIMOTO Kaito (JPN) - 15.00 points

Women’s floor exercise

The women’s competition wrapped up with the supremely entertaining floor routines. The all-around champion Simone Biles (USA) dominated with her amazing tumbling and scored her second apparatus gold of the day. 2022 all-around silver medallist Rebeca Andrade (BRA) took silver with her excellent routine. Team mate Flavia Saraiva (BRA) took her first individual medal of this championships!

  1. 🥇 BILES Simone (USA) - 14.633 points

  2. 🥈 ANDRADE Rebeca (BRA) - 14.500 points

  3. 🥉 SARAIVA Flavia (BRA) - 13.966 points

Men’s horizontal bar

The world championships concluded with the most thrilling apparatus of all. Gymnasts fly above and around the bar executing a daring display of somersaults and swings. Since his emergence at the Olympic Games in 2021, this event has been dominated by Hashimoto Daiki of Japan. The all-around world champion 2023 qualified in first place as the only gymnast to break into the 15 point scoring range, and did it all over in the final! What a day!

  1. 🥇 HASHIMOTO Daiki (JPN) - 15.233 points

  2. 🥈 SRBIC Tin (CRO) - 14.700 points

  3. 🥉 SU Weide (CHN) - 14.500 points

And just like that, Worlds 2023 has come to an end!