Between 30 September - 8 October 2023, the Sportpaleis in Antwerp will be the place to be for all gymnastics fans for the biggest gymnastics competition of the year, the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. The world's best gymnasts will compete against each other for the world titles.

The schedule of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships includes 9 days of competition, kicking off with the qualifiers for all gymnasts. During the qualifications, the gymnasts and teams can select themselves for the finals:

  • Team final men and women - best 8 countries
  • All-Around final men and women - best 24 gymnasts
  • Apparatus finals - best 8 gymnasts per apparatus
Opening hours

Competition schedule

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FAQ Event

  • When and where will the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships take place?

    The Artistic Gymnastics World Championships will take place from 30th September until 8th October 2023 in the 'Sportpaleis' in Antwerp.

  • Where can I buy tickets?

    Starting 25 November you can buy your tickets online through Tele Ticket Service.

  • Where can I find the competition schedule?

    There are 9 competition days, kicking off with the qualifiers for all gymnasts. During these qualifications, the gymnasts can qualify for the finals:

    • Team final men and women - 8 best countries
    • All-round final men and women - 24 best gymnasts
    • Apparatus finals men and women - 8 best gymnasts on each apparatus
  • How do I know in which sub division my favourite gymnast or country is competing?

    Which countries will compete in each sub division can be found here.

    Which gymnast will compete in each sub division will be determined on the following date:

    • Nominative registration FIG: at least 4 weeks before the event
  • How do I get to the 'Sportpaleis'? in Antwerp?

    On foot, by bike or by shared scooter

    Come to the Sportpaleis on foot, by bike or by shared scooter.

    By tram or by bus with your combined ticket

    With your combined ticket you can make free use of the De Lijn trams and buses.

    By train

    The Sportpaleis is easily accessible by train in combination with tram or bus.

    Park & Ride

    Park your car in a Park & Ride and cover the rest of your route by public transport.

    By car

    Come to the Sportpaleis by car.

    By taxi, rental car or use Billo

    Book a taxi, rent a car or use Billo.

  • Can I make use of lockers in the 'Sportpaleis'?

    There will be lockers available in which you can store your coats, helmets, ... You pay 5 euros per locker and 5 euros for the key. The deposit will be returned when you return the key.

    Attention: Lockers are available from the opening of the doors until the start of the event. Ten minutes before the end of the event, you will have access to the lockers again.

  • Which rules apply during the event?

    • Always offer your own ticket at the entrance and not someone else's. That way scanning goes much more smoothly and you avoid waiting at the door.
    • Do you save your tickets on your phone? Then make sure your ticket is clearly visible. That means: full clarity and no cracks in your screen.
    • Do not bring any luggage, (large) handbags or (back) bags and respond correctly to any requests from security. Bags may not be larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (A4 format).
    • It is forbidden to enter the venue with bottles, cans, alcohol, sound recorders, film and photo cameras, fireworks and objects that may pose a safety hazard. Smartphones with a photo function are tolerated unless otherwise specified.
    • Photographing and filming during the event is prohibited, unless otherwise determined by the organizer. Entering the venue implies consent to possible searches.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue.