No event without a fantastic team. Volunteers will play an important role in the success of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp 2023. An unforgettable experience across a range of roles within championship operations and sport competition. No matter what your experience, we will be welcoming applications from all backgrounds and communities, from Belgium and beyond!






Our commitment

Just like gymnasts are committed to the sport, we’re looking for volunteers who are committed to making this event special. Please ensure you satisfy all the requirements listed below.

Our commitment Your commitment
A unique event uniform 16+ in 2023
Acces to the competitions before, after or during your break Speak Dutch or English
Meal & refreshments Available for min 3 days
Entrance to the volunteers "chill-room" You are helpful and a you love gymnastics
Fun and memories for a lifetime You are committed for the full 100%

Your volunteer journey

  • 10.02.2023

    Applications open


  • 28.02.2023

    Applications closed


  • March-April 2023



  • May 2023

    Allocation of tasks


  • July 2023

    Schedules available


  • September 2023

    Accredition volunteers


  • 29.09 - 09.10.2023



What roles are available for volunteers?

  • Security & safety

    During this event we need a bunch of volunteers who are responsible for the security and safety. As volunteer you control access and passage on the event, help all participants, spectators and staff finding their way. A very important role for the smooth running of the event.

  • Logistics

    Do you have a hands on mindset? Are you thrilling to be part of the event from the very beginning? Within this role you have a responsibility for building up, decorate, maintain, and break down the event. In short, a versatile assignment for volunteers who don’t like sitting still.

  • Catering

    Volunteers in this role will make part of supplying food and drinks of the gymnasts, coaches, judges and staff. The volunteers are responsible for serving and distribution of the meals, maintain the catering area and refill the needs. Dinner’s ready!

  • Transport

    As a driver you are responsible for picking up and driving the delegations. You bring them from and to the airport, the hotel, training hall and competition hall.
    Attention! If you want to be part of the transport team you need to have a driver’s license.

  • Medical

    Are you a physiotherapist or a doctor and do you want to volunteer for the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships? We look forward to welcoming you within this team.

  • Digital and Media

    Do you love taking pictures or videos and is communication totally your thing?
    For this role we are searching for volunteers who want to make content on our digital channels, hosting the press and photographers, interviewing gymnasts,… #getmovedbymotion #antwerp2023

  • Competition, training and award ceremony

    You guide training, warming-up and competitions from the very beginning.
    The award ceremony is also a part of this commission. Do you have a connection with artistic gymnastics than join our volunteer team!

  • Accreditation

    Can’t you wait to welcome the delegations in Antwerp? In that case this role is something for you! You are not scared of administrative tasks and you have knowledge of English.
    Welcome in Antwerp!

  • Marketing

    Would you like to help selling the merchandising of the event? Or do you prefer helping with the side animation? In that case the role of marketing volunteer is perfect for you!

  • Accomodation

    Delegations will be staying in hotels around Antwerp. We want to make their stay as pleasant as possible. If you are part of the accomation team, you will be the point of contact for the delegations during their hotel stay.

FAQ Volunteering

  • How do I become a volunteer?

    Applications to volunteer at the World Championships Antwerp 2023 will open from 15th January until 28th February 2023. Fill in the form to let us know you want to volunteer and indicate your preferred tasks.

  • What are the minimum requirements to become a volunteer?

    You can sign up to volunteer from the age of 16. You can speak Dutch and/or English.

  • Can I sign up to volunteer for 1 day?

    You can sign up for 1 day only, however, we would recommend to commit for at least 3 consecutive days. These applications take precedence over those who can volunteer one day.

  • When will applications close?

    Applications will close on 28th February 2023 at 23:59.

  • Do you accept international applications?

    Of course! We also welcome international volunteers at our event.

  • What roles are available for volunteers?

    There are 10 commissions in which you can volunteer:

    • Transport
    • Accommodation
    • Catering
    • Security
    • Medical
    • Reception
    • Logistics
    • Promotion and communication
    • Sports presentation
    • Marketing

    You can indicate 4 preferences in your application.

  • Do I need experience?

    You don't need any experience to volunteer, we will provide you with the necessary training for your commission.

  • Do I need to buy tickets as a volunteer?

    Before, after or during your breaks you can freely watch the competitions. Thus, for the day(s) you volunteer, you don't need to buy tickets.

  • Will you provide accommodation for volunteers?

    We offer accommodation for volunteers outside of Antwerp. However, there are certain requirements to obtain this. For example, we can only offer you accommodation if you volunteer at least 3 days.

  • What about the privacy policy?